Tuesday, April 11, 2017

the aborted Communion zine

during this recent "hiatus" i came up (translation: stole from Bloodyminded ) with the idea to put together a "zine", using song titles and lyrics from our in-development full length as text. after pouring over the works of New Juche  and Dylan Thompson, and then looking at these crude, almost jokey pieces, i decided that it's best to leave visual art to people who know what they are doing, and to keep my aesthetic contributions to myself. 

i've always had aspirations to work in visual mediums of artistic expression; comics, film making, sculpture, etc.... but i never could get the image in my head to cooperate with what took shape on the page. it was around age 14-15 that i decided to try and write them down instead, and i found that to be much more agreeable. attempts at collaboration with visual artists have almost always fallen apart (with the exception of Ethan Lee McCarthy , who succeeds where i fail in these departments), so out of frustration and curiosity i still take a stab at it from time to time. 

most of these photos came from various tumblrs that i follow, as well as pieces cooked up for my abandoned art tumblr Progressive Displacements

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