Sunday, April 16, 2017

LEE ALTOMARE: 1976 - 2010

photo by Matthew Melnick 

for the benefit of those new to us, Lee Altomare was our founding member / guitarist / best friend. He passed away on this day in 2010. We continue to be impacted by his absence, yet we also remain inspired by his presence.
we've grown accustom to re-calibrating ourselves so we can settle into the latest "new normal", which is a practice that was blueprinted by Lee. when you hit those seemingly multiplying patches of bad luck, don't just pack it up, close it down, and dwell on the failings; dig in your heels, focus on what works, and build upward.
we miss him everyday, and hope we're doing right by him.
thanks for being here, everyone. please take a minute to check out Lee's final song, "Tablespoon Cataract", from our split 7" with Bastard Noise on Haunted Hotel Records. available now

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