Saturday, April 1, 2017


It is our esteemed pleasure to announce the launch of HOMEBODY EPHEMERA:

This company will specialize exclusively in grindcore inspired toys, collectibles, and off-beat merchandise options for all.

To commemorate this launch, we're offering a sneak peak at prototypes for the inaugural product line; a set of fully posable action figures of the Communion Memescot Triptych!

                                                    the suicidal 'n sassy BLORT

the curiously kinky HYMEN BALACLAVA

and last but not least, The Blast Beast known as RABID BAT

each of these Prime (Ad)Ministers of Platonic Lustmord will come packaged with a vial of Weaponized Rohypnol and a copy of this exclusive Communion mini-comic that outlines their origin;

and if you opt to join the Homebody Ephemera Homebound Collector Delivery Service you'll receive as a gift the Pockmarks Chase Variants of each figure, who will come packaged not only with everything seen here, but special accessories that when clipped together will create a detailed diorama of the Triptych's secluded hideaway; the Libido Abattoir.

click here for pre-order link!  

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