Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Wm M Berger was one of our favorite people… someone who gave us a shot when we were at an incredibly low point, still reeling from the loss of Lee Altomare, not sure where the future would lead. WM invited us on his wonderful show My Castle of Quiet, where he would spend the next few years keeping us a regular fixture on his playlists, not to mention releasing “A Desired Level of Unease” on his impeccable label, Prison Tatt Records.
off all the missed opportunities that typified the year in the Communion, i think not being available for this one hurts the most. 2017 was good to some of us in the band as individuals… lives moving forward, loves found, playing on bigger stages… , but not a good year for us as a collective. one show, only a handful of practices, stalled writing. i haven’t been handling it too well… fighting this losing battle against monetary gains and more gratifying companionships, but i’m trying to keep the light on, remain hopeful (uuuugh that fucking word) that this is only a momentary lapse in motivation, and we’ll get our shit together best we can and move this thing forward.
can’t say i have any real answers… only that i hold no grudges and i’m ready when everybody else is. i got notebooks filled with artfully rendered suicidal misanthropy waiting for riffs and blasts.
please try to make this one. Couch Slut and Pink Mass are not to be missed.
kissy kissy

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

RIP Wm M Berger

i cannot even begin to describe how devastated i am by the sudden passing of Wm M Berger. been sitting with this news for the past 20 minutes and i am truly at a loss.
you’ve done more to inspire and motivate me than you’ll ever know. i cannot thank you enough for all you’ve done for my friends and i… for your support and friendship through the most difficult time in our life, for your continued genuine interest not just in what we do but who we are.
thank you so much for all your support and (most importantly) your friendship. you kept us going during a time of near-crippling uncertainty and gave us a chance when few others would, and we couldn’t have been more proud to remain in your graces for all these years.
we love you and thank you forever.
- Jimmy, Joe, Billy, and Nick.
Rest in Power 

Sunday, April 16, 2017

LEE ALTOMARE: 1976 - 2010

photo by Matthew Melnick 

for the benefit of those new to us, Lee Altomare was our founding member / guitarist / best friend. He passed away on this day in 2010. We continue to be impacted by his absence, yet we also remain inspired by his presence.
we've grown accustom to re-calibrating ourselves so we can settle into the latest "new normal", which is a practice that was blueprinted by Lee. when you hit those seemingly multiplying patches of bad luck, don't just pack it up, close it down, and dwell on the failings; dig in your heels, focus on what works, and build upward.
we miss him everyday, and hope we're doing right by him.
thanks for being here, everyone. please take a minute to check out Lee's final song, "Tablespoon Cataract", from our split 7" with Bastard Noise on Haunted Hotel Records. available now

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

the aborted Communion zine

during this recent "hiatus" i came up (translation: stole from Bloodyminded ) with the idea to put together a "zine", using song titles and lyrics from our in-development full length as text. after pouring over the works of New Juche  and Dylan Thompson, and then looking at these crude, almost jokey pieces, i decided that it's best to leave visual art to people who know what they are doing, and to keep my aesthetic contributions to myself. 

i've always had aspirations to work in visual mediums of artistic expression; comics, film making, sculpture, etc.... but i never could get the image in my head to cooperate with what took shape on the page. it was around age 14-15 that i decided to try and write them down instead, and i found that to be much more agreeable. attempts at collaboration with visual artists have almost always fallen apart (with the exception of Ethan Lee McCarthy , who succeeds where i fail in these departments), so out of frustration and curiosity i still take a stab at it from time to time. 

most of these photos came from various tumblrs that i follow, as well as pieces cooked up for my abandoned art tumblr Progressive Displacements

Saturday, April 1, 2017


It is our esteemed pleasure to announce the launch of HOMEBODY EPHEMERA:

This company will specialize exclusively in grindcore inspired toys, collectibles, and off-beat merchandise options for all.

To commemorate this launch, we're offering a sneak peak at prototypes for the inaugural product line; a set of fully posable action figures of the Communion Memescot Triptych!

                                                    the suicidal 'n sassy BLORT

the curiously kinky HYMEN BALACLAVA

and last but not least, The Blast Beast known as RABID BAT

each of these Prime (Ad)Ministers of Platonic Lustmord will come packaged with a vial of Weaponized Rohypnol and a copy of this exclusive Communion mini-comic that outlines their origin;

and if you opt to join the Homebody Ephemera Homebound Collector Delivery Service you'll receive as a gift the Pockmarks Chase Variants of each figure, who will come packaged not only with everything seen here, but special accessories that when clipped together will create a detailed diorama of the Triptych's secluded hideaway; the Libido Abattoir.

click here for pre-order link!  

Thursday, March 23, 2017

2 years later


BASTARD NOISE do a loving tribute / homage / eulogy to our departed friend Lee Altomare of THE COMMUNION. Its truly a remarkable and beautiful track, something very hard to pull off in the noise genre.
 New York's own THE COMMUNION give us "TABLESPOON CATARACT" , which is the final track that Lee played on. Really intense grindcore that pulls influence from death metal, black metal and hardcore.
Haunted Hotel Records
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