Monday, November 3, 2014

1. All our tracks have been recorded for the split with Helmsplitter except the bass for one song which is being handled by a friend of ours. Then just mixing and mastering. Coming out on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. .
2. The split 7" with Bastard Noise is still coming on HAUNTED HOTEL RECORDS. Waiting on pressing plants. The norm for vinyl these days I'm afraid...
3. A recently discovered "lost" track recorded with Lee Altomare will be coming out as a split 7" (possibley one-sided) with Ginger Cortes on Petite Soles. The art is being worked on as we "speak"
We don't have specific dates for any of these but considering what stage they are at, expect them sooner than later. We were never good at spreading things out. Deal with it.

December 5th at Amityville Music Hall with Artificial Brain, Cognitive and Locus Mortis
December 6th at The Silent Barn with Bastard Noise, Nyodene D, HEXBREAKER QUARTET, and LEA + LEILA

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