Saturday, August 30, 2014

Jimmy’s swollen organs make another appearance:
—- Monomaniac vol.4 out 1/9/14.
—- Artwork by Viral Graphics
—- Exclusive stream online now courtesy of Cvlt Nation:


Side A
A1 DEATHCULT (CH) “Summoned” 1:35
A2 BOLZER (CH) “The Eternal Monarch” 1:28
A3 ARCHAGATHUS (CA) “Expensive Solution” 1:22
A4 HOLY MEASURE (AU) “None Immune” 0:41
A5 HOLY MEASURE (AU) “Old Dawn” 0:34
A6 SWOLLEN ORGANS (U.S.A.) “Natural Causes” 0:59
A7 ABYSSUS (GR) “Phobos” 1:12
A8 TREPANATION (NZ) “Strike With Chaos (Monomaniac version)” 1:20
A9 VACANTFIELD (GR) “The Yarn” 1:22
A10 ΣΠΛΑΧΝΑ (GR) “Άγνωστη Τροχιά” 1:00
A11 ΝΑΦΘΑLYN (GR) “Education” 1:03
Side B
B1 VUYVR (CH) “Elevation” 0:58
B2 COLUMN OF HEAVEN (CA) “Reunion With The Divine” 0:56
B3 HEAD HITS CONCRETE (CA) “Colony Collapse (demo)” 1:26
B4 IMPURE WORSHIP (GR) “Herald Of Famine And Pestilence” 1:14
B5 LOBOTOMIZED (NO) “Streams Of Aquavit” 1:05
B6 FAITHREAT (GR) “Supremacy Of Stupidity” 1:26
B7 NUNRIPPER (U.S.A.) “Funeral Pestilence” 1:06
B9 AWE (GR) “This Nature Is Not Of Yours” 1:42
B10 SPECTRAL LORE (GR) “The Cosmic Suicide” 1:30

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Oh we forgot to mention, the test press of the split 7” with Bastard Noise coming out on HAUNTED HOTEL RECORDS was approved a few weeks ago. Finishing up recordings for the split with Helmsplitter on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions next week.