Monday, June 4, 2012


“Marble Husk”, the first track off of “A Desired Level of Unease” is now available for streaming on the bandcamp so go listen to it. A new track will go up every Monday. At the end of seven weeks this album WILL NOT be available for download. Yeah. Seriously. There is a link to purchase a physical copy which will get something “special.”

Here’s the deal:

-Purchase “A Desired Level of Unease” LP at

-Get LP in mail.

-Listen to LP (Or not. Who cares. You already bought it.)

-Take a picture of your hand-numbered LP number and email the photo along with your name and address to:

-You will be sent, FOR FREE, a CDR of the album. Each copy of this CDR will have unique artwork. No two will be the same.

If you have already purchased the LP take the picture and email it already. IT’S FREE

You must send a picture of the record number to receive the CDR.

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