Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Communion - A Desired Level of Unease /// one-sided LP; limited, hand-numbered edition of 100 →

“Some predators are simply too large to avoid,” goes the dark-ride barker’s lead-in to The Communion’s Desired Level of Unease. I don’t think this record will meet with much ambivalence, as anyone who’s been a fan of grind, black metal and sludge for the last ten or more years, watching those styles evolve, merge and coalesce naturally, will see The Communion for what they are, the right band at the right time. Prison Tatt first saw The Communion play at their memorial show for late guitarist Lee Altomare, and it was such an intense, vital set, charged with both suffering and human vitality, that it immediately became essential that we release a compendium of new material, or ANY material, by the band. It doesn’t matter what you call it anymore—it’s metal, extreme variety, drawing on hardcore, blast beats, and Lousiana mud that’s been traded in for NYC muck—that black, dusty stuff that lives out between the cracks in the NJ Turnpike and the L.I.E. Above all, The Communion are great songwriters; they instinctively know how to put this shit together—music, lyrics and energy, so that not an ounce of the arrangement is wasted and we are left to be swept up in the melée. This is one of the records that we’ve been wanting to put out for the longest time, and it’s very well worth the wait. Sleeve design by singer Nick; heavy-black-stock folding sleeve silkscreened by Seizure Palace. Comes with lyric insert on parchment-style paper, one of our new stickers, and ours and the band’s best wishes for a good seat at the apocalypse.

samples in the link!

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