Wednesday, September 28, 2011

in the year 2000

THE COMMUNION @ Bandcamp - most of our releases from the last 2-3 years are available for streaming/download. some live stuff that previews a few of the tracks that will appear on a Desired Level of Unease, the one-sided 12" from PRISON TATT RECORDS. more on that later.

THE COMMUNION @ Bigcartel - releases are up there for those of you who still want physical media (cause some of us are still stupid like that... i know i am), plus t-shirts and other memorabilia. i wish it was Mum-Rabillia. dude is fucking hardcore.

next show will be a showcase for WM Berger's PRISON TATT RECORDS in Brovember. more on that later, too.

the bulk of 10 songs has been layed down once again by our old young friend Tony Biscuits. we still need to add some noise. some Twin Peaks melodies, mix and master, and it should be done within the month. we think you'll dig it.

SWANS tonight.

recent musical obsessions: Bestial Mouths , Ash Borer , Lolita Black , Mother Brain , Seven Sisters of Sleep , Low Places , Dead in the Dirt , Atriarch , Dephosphorus , Halo Manash , Barghest , Raspberry Bulbs , Hebosagil , OFF! , Iceage

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Dutchblaster said...

Hey man, just saying hi, good luck with the planned new releases. Looking forward to the song titles, as always. - Will