Sunday, June 12, 2011

I just saw the deadest guy on earth

Seth Putnam of ANAL CUNT is dead.

Speaking personally, AxCx is crucial to me... one of the bands that made me wanna do this bullshit that i do. saw them in 2001 in a little bar in a Long Island suburb. to this day its probably my favorite show ever. Heavy, psychotic, hatefully fun, funnily hateful, and brutal in the truest sense of the word. Morbid Florist is one of the first pieces of underground music i ever owned, and i haven't looked back since hearing it at age fourteen. all the Earache records, the Early Years, Defenders of the Hate, even the mockingly shmaltzy Picnic of Love still find their way into regular rotations around here.

last time i saw them was about 5 years ago in Brooklyn, about a year after Seth had his overdose. he could barely stand-up, fell into the drum kit after commandeering Josh's guitar, and still sounded more viscous on the mic than any transcendental black glitter core pantywaist could ever dream of being.

Hate in Peace, Seth Putnam.

- all of us at THE COMMUNION.

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