Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Are you ready for the Updates?

- in August our bud butties in TRANSIENT will be stopping through for a couple of shows. also appearing will be CASTEVET, ARTIFICIAL BRAIN, and more to be announced. later that month we'll be playing with the blindingly awesome SETE STAR SEPT. shaping up to be pretty swick.

- in the meantime, we'll be working on more new recordings. four songs are rough-mixed, and we'll be going in to record drums this weekend for about six more tunes. still have 2 others that will get done at another time, but we have two brand new lil' blasters ready to be put to tape;

THE INVALIDIST: total grind, with blasting almost all the way through. hit us after playing with THE KILL, NOISEAR, and DOUBLE OVER. especially NOISEAR. lyrics loosely inspired by Molly Parker in Kissed. title is a reference to the Cult of Invalidism, which was the accidental basis for the villains in Pascal Laugier's Martyrs.

GARBAGE ISLAND TECTONIC SHIFT: 1/2 grindy metallic hardcore. 1/2 Gravity Records esque screamo. the one you'll hate which makes me love it all the more. lyrics are about achieving spiritual and emotional clarity through group masturbation in a junkyard.

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