Thursday, April 14, 2011

- It was a year ago today that myself, Billy, and Lee huddled in our practice space with Tony Biscuits to record guitars and vocals over the drum tracks Joe did in Seattle on our west coast tour w/ Transient. those tracks are now finished. 3 slabs of blackened sludgrindeathrash ready for consumption/regurgitation.let us know if you're interested in giving these songs a good home. they deserve more than a white CDR and xeroxed collage art.

these tracks are very special to us, because these mark not only the culmination of a writing/playing cycle, but they are the last recordings we did with Lee. it's amazing to me that the last time i saw Lee was at a recording session, doing what he loved to do the most, what he devoted his energy towards, but never at the cost of alienating those closest to him. at times i can't believe its been a year, but at the same time it feels like that mark is taking forever to be crossed off the calender. Though we of course miss him every single day, and wish against wish that he was still here with us, we've done everything we can to honor and respect everything he's done, and we will continue to do so, by working as hard as possible to be the best band we can be. It's been rough, but we're very fortunate to have each other, as well as the growing few (?) of you who throw those bits of support our way. all the bands, all the bookers, all the friends who've stood behind us during the trying times, helping us out with releases and shows and doing everything you can to get the word out... it means the world to us. thanks.

- whew. okay... so recordings are underway for the material that will make up the one sided 12" release on PRISON TATT RECORDS. much of the drums are done, and more will be done in the next few weeks, followed by the rest. in addition to the five songs mentioned in the last checklist, we have 3 more new ones, possibly four. here's the breakdown;

1. GASH LADDER - one minute thirty seconds of grind with some noise-rock drum parts. lyrics are personal, bitter, and cryptic. don't really feel like divulging further.

2. ROPE BONDAGE WITH AN I.V. - mangy sludge with some sputtering thrash. lyrics inspired by Trevor Brown, Pain Teens, Octave Mirbeau's the Torture Garden, and Sasha Grey.

3. GREASED WITH TEARS - monolithic mid-tempo hate-metal. lyrics inspired by Joel Peter Witkin, the Yorkshire Ripper, and late 80s Apocalypse Culture. originally titled "BABY TEAR LUBRICANT", but changed pretty rapidly... cause sometimes you have to be human.

4. MARROW BALLAST - very early stages. has more of a Jesus Lizard rape-rock vibe so far, but we'll see where it goes. lyrics inspired by prurient voyeurism, misanthropy as a reflex, the "Dead Baby Boy" scene from Man Bites Dog, and the scene in Bad Dreams where two mental patients are pushed through a giant fan and their blood spurts out from the air ducts.

- show @ the Charleston this Saturday. show at the Acheron April 29 (we flew into nor-man-dee! *a million cool points for anyone who gets that*) . show May 21st @ Shea Stadium w/ THE KILL, NOISEAR, COPREMESIS , and DOUBLED OVER.

- our t-shirts will be seen in Andrey Iskanov's upcoming film INGRESSION. also we'll be MDF The Movie 2.

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