Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Причастие рубашки которые будут внедрены в новом фильме от Андрея Iskanov

You can get support as accommodation absolutely any your production, from t-shirts and badges up to everything, in Andrey Iskanov`s films.

For the present there is an opportunity to place your stuff in film INGRESSION (not much time till official release).

And in new ultra-violent movie (in mood of Serbian film) PUSSYHEAD!

Very short synopsis of PUSSYHEAD

PUSSYHEAD is about guy, whos fan of forbidden perverted porno videos with freaks, dying peoples etc

These videos operate on him as a drug and he wants more and more from life and sex.

He tries to return his former girlfriend and arranges bloody massacre in her house, but, got a bullet in a head and it paralysed him.

He was found in the street without documents and completely lost memory.

Doctors speak that he is hopeless...

He appears in mental hospital as no name patient and soon understands, that most perverted sick videos from his collection were filmed there with patients...

Also available place for your stuff in remastering new versions of NAILS and Visions of suffering!

Places is limited!

Our partners now is The COMMUNION


Contact me if you interested.


so yeah, you will see COMMUNION T-shirts in Andrey Iskanov's upcoming film INGRESSION.

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