Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Song Checklist

so we've been crankin' out the new materials like we're watching Sasha Grey and Belladonna in Imax Digital 3D. as of now, we have something like 6 new songs. it's in keeping with all our influences; violently fast black metal, churning sludge, thrashy crossover, power noise, and other adjectives and genres that don't mean anything cause you'll just call it grindcore anyway. that's what grind always was, though; the bastard mutant dog baby of underground music, but i digress.

songs all have titles/lyrics. i think maybe beside us like 3 people know/care about titles, and less care about lyrics... but indulge my art damage for a bit, eh?

1. MARBLE HUSK - Played this at the Misanthropic Noise show last month. brain damaged dissonant blackened metallic hardcore. lyrics are loosely based on Rudolf Schwarzkogler and the other Vienna Aktionists. (

2. MANACLES - Goatwhore and Eyehategod having a tug of war while Scott Walker provides stenography. lyrics are about not being able to sleep.

3. STIRRUPS - Deathspell Omega/Portal dissonance with sprinklings of grind to remind us that we'll never be as impressively avant garde as some other well liked groups out there. these were the first lyrics i wrote after Lee passed away, so this is pretty much all the thoughts i had during that first week. not sappy and only a little bitter.hopefully he approves. you can if you want, but it doesn't matter.

4. RABID BATS - Black Sabscess bookending a bugfucked noise center. lyrics were influenced by the art of Maruo Suehiro (, the ero-guro writings of Edogawa Rampo (, and my own carnal frustrations. try to look surprised.

5. METRONOME ULCER - brutal mid-late 80s NYHC turning into a speed metal enema tornado. lyrics were influenced by the book The Shoemaker ( and being bored at work while the computers were down. there's some more Rampo inspired imagery here, along with some bondage porn. all blow and no show. n'yeah.

6. ATROCITY CONDUIT - Mid-tempo almost all the way through (huwahhhhhhh?). moody and menacing in the vein of Neuroisis and industrial metal groups from the late 80s-mid 90s (Skin Chamber, early Godflesh). lyrics were a combination of 2 songs i wrote during the same block of time as "ULTRASOUND", so the events of that week colored it no question. not directly, mind you, just more sardonic goth kid musings.

also, we may actually do a KISS cover for a tribute on Land 'O Smiles. if that happens, it's going to be messy, static smothered sludge drenched tard-creaming rendition of "Unholy", a heavier track from the no-makeup period of the group. ( sort of what AxCx did to Manowar's "Gloves of Metal". and yes... i intend to make all them manscary faces.

we also hope to find a bassist sooner than later. feel free to inquire.

stay tuned goon.

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