Wednesday, September 28, 2011

in the year 2000

THE COMMUNION @ Bandcamp - most of our releases from the last 2-3 years are available for streaming/download. some live stuff that previews a few of the tracks that will appear on a Desired Level of Unease, the one-sided 12" from PRISON TATT RECORDS. more on that later.

THE COMMUNION @ Bigcartel - releases are up there for those of you who still want physical media (cause some of us are still stupid like that... i know i am), plus t-shirts and other memorabilia. i wish it was Mum-Rabillia. dude is fucking hardcore.

next show will be a showcase for WM Berger's PRISON TATT RECORDS in Brovember. more on that later, too.

the bulk of 10 songs has been layed down once again by our old young friend Tony Biscuits. we still need to add some noise. some Twin Peaks melodies, mix and master, and it should be done within the month. we think you'll dig it.

SWANS tonight.

recent musical obsessions: Bestial Mouths , Ash Borer , Lolita Black , Mother Brain , Seven Sisters of Sleep , Low Places , Dead in the Dirt , Atriarch , Dephosphorus , Halo Manash , Barghest , Raspberry Bulbs , Hebosagil , OFF! , Iceage

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Just when I Updated you most

- thanks to Brain and Vanessa Catbomb for the amazing show this past Sunday. also thank us for having the decency to forgo our version of Mary J. Blige’s ‘I’m Going Down”. twas amazing.

- thanks also to Josh from Cordyceps/Unmen for the show on Friday in new Brunswick. also to Salo for ruling.

- no shows for a while. gonna try and wrap up these recordings that keep getting put off.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

On their way to Savannah, Georgia yesterday, Transient was in a head on collision when an SUV flew over the medium and landed on them. Krysta had to be airlifted to the hospital. We are all relieved that they are alive and doing ok. Krysta had to have surgery on her wrist and her hip put back into place. The van has been totaled and we need help getting them home safely and also help pay for some medical bills.


help them out.

Friday, July 22, 2011

new shirts soon. new music soon.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Are you ready for the Updates?

- in August our bud butties in TRANSIENT will be stopping through for a couple of shows. also appearing will be CASTEVET, ARTIFICIAL BRAIN, and more to be announced. later that month we'll be playing with the blindingly awesome SETE STAR SEPT. shaping up to be pretty swick.

- in the meantime, we'll be working on more new recordings. four songs are rough-mixed, and we'll be going in to record drums this weekend for about six more tunes. still have 2 others that will get done at another time, but we have two brand new lil' blasters ready to be put to tape;

THE INVALIDIST: total grind, with blasting almost all the way through. hit us after playing with THE KILL, NOISEAR, and DOUBLE OVER. especially NOISEAR. lyrics loosely inspired by Molly Parker in Kissed. title is a reference to the Cult of Invalidism, which was the accidental basis for the villains in Pascal Laugier's Martyrs.

GARBAGE ISLAND TECTONIC SHIFT: 1/2 grindy metallic hardcore. 1/2 Gravity Records esque screamo. the one you'll hate which makes me love it all the more. lyrics are about achieving spiritual and emotional clarity through group masturbation in a junkyard.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I just saw the deadest guy on earth

Seth Putnam of ANAL CUNT is dead.

Speaking personally, AxCx is crucial to me... one of the bands that made me wanna do this bullshit that i do. saw them in 2001 in a little bar in a Long Island suburb. to this day its probably my favorite show ever. Heavy, psychotic, hatefully fun, funnily hateful, and brutal in the truest sense of the word. Morbid Florist is one of the first pieces of underground music i ever owned, and i haven't looked back since hearing it at age fourteen. all the Earache records, the Early Years, Defenders of the Hate, even the mockingly shmaltzy Picnic of Love still find their way into regular rotations around here.

last time i saw them was about 5 years ago in Brooklyn, about a year after Seth had his overdose. he could barely stand-up, fell into the drum kit after commandeering Josh's guitar, and still sounded more viscous on the mic than any transcendental black glitter core pantywaist could ever dream of being.

Hate in Peace, Seth Putnam.

- all of us at THE COMMUNION.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Thursday, April 14, 2011

- It was a year ago today that myself, Billy, and Lee huddled in our practice space with Tony Biscuits to record guitars and vocals over the drum tracks Joe did in Seattle on our west coast tour w/ Transient. those tracks are now finished. 3 slabs of blackened sludgrindeathrash ready for consumption/regurgitation.let us know if you're interested in giving these songs a good home. they deserve more than a white CDR and xeroxed collage art.

these tracks are very special to us, because these mark not only the culmination of a writing/playing cycle, but they are the last recordings we did with Lee. it's amazing to me that the last time i saw Lee was at a recording session, doing what he loved to do the most, what he devoted his energy towards, but never at the cost of alienating those closest to him. at times i can't believe its been a year, but at the same time it feels like that mark is taking forever to be crossed off the calender. Though we of course miss him every single day, and wish against wish that he was still here with us, we've done everything we can to honor and respect everything he's done, and we will continue to do so, by working as hard as possible to be the best band we can be. It's been rough, but we're very fortunate to have each other, as well as the growing few (?) of you who throw those bits of support our way. all the bands, all the bookers, all the friends who've stood behind us during the trying times, helping us out with releases and shows and doing everything you can to get the word out... it means the world to us. thanks.

- whew. okay... so recordings are underway for the material that will make up the one sided 12" release on PRISON TATT RECORDS. much of the drums are done, and more will be done in the next few weeks, followed by the rest. in addition to the five songs mentioned in the last checklist, we have 3 more new ones, possibly four. here's the breakdown;

1. GASH LADDER - one minute thirty seconds of grind with some noise-rock drum parts. lyrics are personal, bitter, and cryptic. don't really feel like divulging further.

2. ROPE BONDAGE WITH AN I.V. - mangy sludge with some sputtering thrash. lyrics inspired by Trevor Brown, Pain Teens, Octave Mirbeau's the Torture Garden, and Sasha Grey.

3. GREASED WITH TEARS - monolithic mid-tempo hate-metal. lyrics inspired by Joel Peter Witkin, the Yorkshire Ripper, and late 80s Apocalypse Culture. originally titled "BABY TEAR LUBRICANT", but changed pretty rapidly... cause sometimes you have to be human.

4. MARROW BALLAST - very early stages. has more of a Jesus Lizard rape-rock vibe so far, but we'll see where it goes. lyrics inspired by prurient voyeurism, misanthropy as a reflex, the "Dead Baby Boy" scene from Man Bites Dog, and the scene in Bad Dreams where two mental patients are pushed through a giant fan and their blood spurts out from the air ducts.

- show @ the Charleston this Saturday. show at the Acheron April 29 (we flew into nor-man-dee! *a million cool points for anyone who gets that*) . show May 21st @ Shea Stadium w/ THE KILL, NOISEAR, COPREMESIS , and DOUBLED OVER.

- our t-shirts will be seen in Andrey Iskanov's upcoming film INGRESSION. also we'll be MDF The Movie 2.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

ps: split 5" w/ WAKE THE MACHINES coming. recording for the Prison Tatt Records one-sided LP starts this weekend.

see ARABROT tomorrow.

that's all.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Причастие рубашки которые будут внедрены в новом фильме от Андрея Iskanov

You can get support as accommodation absolutely any your production, from t-shirts and badges up to everything, in Andrey Iskanov`s films.

For the present there is an opportunity to place your stuff in film INGRESSION (not much time till official release).

And in new ultra-violent movie (in mood of Serbian film) PUSSYHEAD!

Very short synopsis of PUSSYHEAD

PUSSYHEAD is about guy, whos fan of forbidden perverted porno videos with freaks, dying peoples etc

These videos operate on him as a drug and he wants more and more from life and sex.

He tries to return his former girlfriend and arranges bloody massacre in her house, but, got a bullet in a head and it paralysed him.

He was found in the street without documents and completely lost memory.

Doctors speak that he is hopeless...

He appears in mental hospital as no name patient and soon understands, that most perverted sick videos from his collection were filmed there with patients...

Also available place for your stuff in remastering new versions of NAILS and Visions of suffering!

Places is limited!

Our partners now is The COMMUNION


Contact me if you interested.


so yeah, you will see COMMUNION T-shirts in Andrey Iskanov's upcoming film INGRESSION.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Thursday, February 17, 2011


so we’re returning to the live arena a bit earlier than expected, due in no small part to Ralph at the awesome HAUNTED HOTEL RECORDS, one of the few truly awesome underground distros out there. thanks so much for asking us to take part in this one.

we’ll more than likely be debuting the new material, which we’re all very excited about.

later ‘bators.



Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Song Checklist

so we've been crankin' out the new materials like we're watching Sasha Grey and Belladonna in Imax Digital 3D. as of now, we have something like 6 new songs. it's in keeping with all our influences; violently fast black metal, churning sludge, thrashy crossover, power noise, and other adjectives and genres that don't mean anything cause you'll just call it grindcore anyway. that's what grind always was, though; the bastard mutant dog baby of underground music, but i digress.

songs all have titles/lyrics. i think maybe beside us like 3 people know/care about titles, and less care about lyrics... but indulge my art damage for a bit, eh?

1. MARBLE HUSK - Played this at the Misanthropic Noise show last month. brain damaged dissonant blackened metallic hardcore. lyrics are loosely based on Rudolf Schwarzkogler and the other Vienna Aktionists. (

2. MANACLES - Goatwhore and Eyehategod having a tug of war while Scott Walker provides stenography. lyrics are about not being able to sleep.

3. STIRRUPS - Deathspell Omega/Portal dissonance with sprinklings of grind to remind us that we'll never be as impressively avant garde as some other well liked groups out there. these were the first lyrics i wrote after Lee passed away, so this is pretty much all the thoughts i had during that first week. not sappy and only a little bitter.hopefully he approves. you can if you want, but it doesn't matter.

4. RABID BATS - Black Sabscess bookending a bugfucked noise center. lyrics were influenced by the art of Maruo Suehiro (, the ero-guro writings of Edogawa Rampo (, and my own carnal frustrations. try to look surprised.

5. METRONOME ULCER - brutal mid-late 80s NYHC turning into a speed metal enema tornado. lyrics were influenced by the book The Shoemaker ( and being bored at work while the computers were down. there's some more Rampo inspired imagery here, along with some bondage porn. all blow and no show. n'yeah.

6. ATROCITY CONDUIT - Mid-tempo almost all the way through (huwahhhhhhh?). moody and menacing in the vein of Neuroisis and industrial metal groups from the late 80s-mid 90s (Skin Chamber, early Godflesh). lyrics were a combination of 2 songs i wrote during the same block of time as "ULTRASOUND", so the events of that week colored it no question. not directly, mind you, just more sardonic goth kid musings.

also, we may actually do a KISS cover for a tribute on Land 'O Smiles. if that happens, it's going to be messy, static smothered sludge drenched tard-creaming rendition of "Unholy", a heavier track from the no-makeup period of the group. ( sort of what AxCx did to Manowar's "Gloves of Metal". and yes... i intend to make all them manscary faces.

we also hope to find a bassist sooner than later. feel free to inquire.

stay tuned goon.