Monday, October 18, 2010

Waxing Negative; The Communion LIVE on My Castle of Quiet, 10.8.10

5 In terms of "heavy music," "black metal," "dark hardcore," or whatever labels one needs to put upon things to feel at ease, The Communion are indeed a very special find. I might never have seen them, had I not wandered into the Party Expo this past July, right around the corner from my former domicile in now-so-fashionable Bushwick.

No-faking, gut-churning angst, great songwriting, and an obvious interest in creating something of quality and sincerity are what set The Communion apart from the horde of bands that lean toward the darker sides of self expression. Dramatic, hooky sludge-metal, classic hardcore/thrash, and hi-speed black metal are all easily referenced in The Communion's repertoire, these styles employed naturally and with the apparent ease of just doing what they do, without sounding at all forced or postmodern.

These are some great tracks—catchy, headbanging and deftly constructed. I've been spinning them constantly for the last week and a half, and suggest you do the same.


Thanks Again, everyone at My Caste of Quiet. check it out everyone.

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