Saturday, April 17, 2010

Yesterday morning, Lee passed away due to complications from eye surgery.

We are all deeply wounded, white and shaking with shock, by this sudden loss of our great friend. He brought us all together. He brought out the best in us, enabled and encouraged us to be at our absolute best in music and life. I personally cannot imagine being where i am today without all Lee put together.

I say all this with zero hyperbole, and those who knew him best no doubt feel the same way we do at this moment. Our hearts go out to his amazing family and all his friends, as well as anyone whose supported us in the last 6 years. Know that Lee loved, appreciated, and cared about all of you very much, as do we.

We'll miss you forever.

- Nick, Billy, Jimmy, Joe - The Communion.

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chuckrow said...

All sympathy to all that knew him and all to us for not having the pleasure. I drink a cold beer to a man I never met.