Sunday, April 11, 2010

- i opened a Tumblr account, which will have my visual art. you'll notice the lyrics for "TABLESPOON CATARACT" as we hope they will appear on the release.

- speaking of releases; the split ten inch with our Siamese baby head TRANSIENT is available through MIDNIGHT SEA RECORDS. you should get it. do it naow.

- this week we'll be recording a handful of songs for a handful of something-or-other. Drums (by Joe) were tracked in Seattle by Joe Rizzi. the lyrics we'll be thrown up (vomited, if you weel) on the Myspace later in the week.

- MDF is little more than a month away, bitches.

- recent musical obsessions: new Immolation. new Burzum. Nation of Ulysses. Elodea. Sorrower. Black Hole of Calcutta. Exactly Violent Style. Swarrrrrrrrrm. Triptikon. Bohren und Der Club of Gore. Black Sun. Circle of Dead Children. Mystifier. Yazata. Naked City. Faustcoven. Wake Up on Fire. Honduran. Blood. Dazzling Killmen. G.I.S.M. Christian Death. Bolt Thrower. In/Humanity. Cranes. Jimmy Durante. Dragged into Sunlight. Exhorder.

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