Sunday, February 14, 2010

"Without the smell of the carcasses and the flowers, without the taste of the fresh meat and the wine, you are left with very little of the performance."

Herman Nitsch

- tour is a little over a month away. the artwork for the split LP with tourmates TRANSIENT is finished, and it is a sight to behold; like something out of a Quay Brothers shrooming. This should be awesome.

- double header in a few weeks.

- recent musical obsessions; Blood, Schizo, Faustcoven, Iaborher, Tafkata, Bone Awl, Ossuary Insane, Exhumed, the Residents, Pulp, Germs, Rosetta, Arizmenda, Skinny Puppy, Death Dust Extractor, G.I.S.M. , Swans, Scream for Tina, Jawbox, Pharmakon, Virus, Walker Bros, Unsane, Meatjack

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