Monday, December 7, 2009

-weekend shows went very well. most of the bands were solid (BLOODKITT is my new favorite band btw) and things ran fairly smooth. Jimmy and I even got in on some gang-vocals for upcoming UNMEN recordings, including a cover of "Kill Yourself" by S.O.D. big gay thanks to all who made it happen.

- no more shows in 2009. this was hands down our best year for shows in terms of performance consistency. i only wish more people came out to see us, cause we've been at our best... maybe next year.

- this weekend is recording. no shows until January 23rd when we play Beery's on Long Island. flyer later this week.

- weekend playlist for the road: Alice in Chains - Dirt, MC Search, Rwake - If You Walk Before You Crawl, You Crawl Before You Die, Godflesh - Pure, Vito Corleone, Lords of Brookln, Soilent Green - Confrontation, Jesus Lizard - Goat, Zeni Geva - Desire for Agony, Catheter - discography of 7"

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