Tuesday, December 22, 2009

- new recordings over at the 'Space. they came out pretty good. thanks to everyone for the feedback... it's always welcome especially when it's positive.

- bunch of stuff planned for 2010... more later.

- a bunch of bands we're friends with are on this 2009 Best Of List. you'll find guest lists from TOMBS, SALOME, BLACK ANVIL, UNEARTHLY TRANCE, COPREMISIS, CASTEVET, PRURIENT, and others that people like more than us. Since we ain't "Stereogum" cool (even though we knew about these bands while you assholes were still fawning over White Stripes and Wes Anderson), i'll just post my year-end list here;


01. PORTAL – Swarth
02. NEKO CASE – Middle Cyclone
03. SKELETON OF GOD – Primordial Dominion
04. ULCERATE – Everything is Fire
05. COBALT – Gin
06. ANTONY AND THE JOHNSONS – The Crying Light
07. ANTIGAMA – Warning
08. ASH POOL – World Turns on Its Hinge
09. BLUT AUS NORD – Memoria Vetusta II: Dialogue With the Stars
10. BRUTAL TRUTH – Evolution through Revolution

check these ones out also;

TOMBS – Winter Hours
BLACK COBRA – Chronomega
PARLAMENTARISK SODOMI - De Anarkistiske An(n)aler
DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT – Widowmaker/Terminal Aggressor
BUCKSHOT FACELIFT – Anchors of the Armless Gods
IGNIVOMOUS – Death Transmutation
TETIANBLOOD – Seven Challices
PIGSTY - Planet of the Pigs

Monday, December 7, 2009

-weekend shows went very well. most of the bands were solid (BLOODKITT is my new favorite band btw) and things ran fairly smooth. Jimmy and I even got in on some gang-vocals for upcoming UNMEN recordings, including a cover of "Kill Yourself" by S.O.D. big gay thanks to all who made it happen.

- no more shows in 2009. this was hands down our best year for shows in terms of performance consistency. i only wish more people came out to see us, cause we've been at our best... maybe next year.

- this weekend is recording. no shows until January 23rd when we play Beery's on Long Island. flyer later this week.

- weekend playlist for the road: Alice in Chains - Dirt, MC Search, Rwake - If You Walk Before You Crawl, You Crawl Before You Die, Godflesh - Pure, Vito Corleone, Lords of Brookln, Soilent Green - Confrontation, Jesus Lizard - Goat, Zeni Geva - Desire for Agony, Catheter - discography of 7"