Saturday, October 24, 2009


- Something's up for the Spring of 2010... i don't wanna jinx it, but it rhymes with the title of this post. More later.

- Tonight it's EYEHATEGOD, GOATWHORE, and PIG DESTROYER on a boat. the first 100 people who mention that SNL sketch will be Super-Soakered with Kerosene and stoned to death with flaming bottles of everclear. The next 100 will have a gas mask with tumb tacks driven into it strapped tightly to their heads, which will be connected to a six foot tube that itself has been strapped to an overweight Dragonforce fan's ass, who will procced to blow buffalo chicken egg diarhea farts up the tube and into the mask.

- Devil's Night show in less than a Week. Long December Weekend in a little less than 6 weeks. More recording. More writing. then more shows.

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