Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Life in a bottle is better than the Life you're offering me."

- shows went well. thanks to all the bands who played, people who came out, so forth.

- recording this week.

- next show is a week from Friday @ Rockstar Bar w/ WEEKEND NACHOS, UNMEN, and BUCKSHOT FACELIFT. 2 days later at the same location i'll be doing guest vocals for the mighty DISASSOCIATE at the Drunx Pinic gig.

- song that only exist in lyrics form; "CONGRUENT BIOCIDE".

this is a song i wrote about the subject of "bug chasers". for those who don't know; Bug Chasers are homosexual men who seek out HIV Infected partners (called "gift givers") in hopes of infecting themselves with the virus. It is not a political song. It does not condone or condemn such activities. it is not homophobic, or judgmental in any other way. it is about individuals who are on the fringe of society wanting to be part of something so desperately that the idea of a slow painful death seems like the only way they can achieve any sort of comradery. It is about people whose illness is coveted, and the empowerment they feel in the light of someone actually wanting what many have told them is a curse brought upon by there lifestyle and/or their nature. it's merely a subject that got me typing, and this is what came out of it;

Intravenous siphon. Convinced that martyring fashions will align them with Stalag angels, as if they volunteered holocaustic accessions. “Talk is all I want”. Waking thoughts of stalking bugs. Converted complacency to future shocks painting current screams. Gift baskets of walled-in cockroach legs and abdomens. The black market equivalent of trial / error / acceptance. Gunned down immune network. Antimicrobial resin tongued suggestively before being cupped by shallow ends. Lunged out of passivity once presents come of disease. Oxygen-entombed are no longer sidling. No longer webbed in specters, once-knotted veins are now docking. In the afterward, they are all just painfully waiting.

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