Monday, August 17, 2009

- Quest for Dread is this Saturday, followed by the above. call it "vol. 2". actually.. don't.

- recording a good chunk of stuff soon for a lot of upcoming releases. first recordings w/ Joeside on drums. should be fun.

- recent musical obsessions; Coil, Foetus, Subrosa, Imbroglio, Bobby Beausoleil, Violent Onsen Geisha, Fleshpress, Pet Shop Boys, Luctus, Hanatarash, Culted, Manic Street Preachers, Minus the Bear, Sky Shadow Obleisk, Iaborher, Overmars, Portal, Skeleton of God, Ulcerate, Molken, Asterik, Rot in Hell, Miasmal, Nightmares, Integrity, Oak, Wormrot, Baring Teeth, Slaughter Strike, Kinski Elevator, Sublinik, Draize, Orbiting Formats, Concealment, Enewetak, Nerospora, Creamface, Download, Hesper Payne

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