Monday, May 18, 2009

- i'll blog about the next shows soon. or just check us on Myspace for flyers and the like.

- AAF and the Aftershow might have been the best we've played ever. to bad only like 8 people saw us. but hey, eating sponge-wax bar pizza and talking about Facebook pages is just as cool, too. Thanks to those few of you who did check us out.

these were our first shows w/ Joe In Vein on drums. This may sound gay, but Joe's drums are the best thing to happen to this band since Harsh Noise, Japanese Cinema, and Sasha Grey.

- Highlights of the No Fun/AAFest weekend; BASTARD NOISE, DEAD INFECTION, SPLITTER, PIGSTY, SAYYADINA, KILL THE CLIENT, COPREMESIS, SULACO, Free CASTEVET 7 inch, catching up w/ one of the few decent people i knew in High School, paying less than 20 bucks for 2 SICKNESS albums, American tour version of the new PIGSTY album, the Haunted Hotel Distro.

- Lowlights: $12 Dollars for a Waffle and 2 Eggs, Blockheaded Dike-Men CHUDs and their ill-deserved sense of accomplishment, 8 dollars for a 6" Fake Philly Cheese Steak, Everything else about No Fun Fest (especially when MELVINS and JOHN FUCKING ZORN both played that night, and i missed them to see video game techno and old man noise), the Other distros.

- i'm still kind of out of it, so forgive the lack of comprehensive reviewing on my part. be back soon with a more full update.