Sunday, April 12, 2009

Rabbit Eggs

- next shit is May 16th, as seen above. We'll be taking part in an underground metal rite of passage; opening up a crowded fest.

seriously though, we're psyched and looking forward to checking out a good bulk of the bands. DEAD INFECTION and SAYYADINA have been on my playlist fairly regularly for the last few years, and that's the day we're playing, so that's pretty badass.

this will be our first show with Joe on the drums, and if the recent practice/jam sessions we've had with him in the past few weeks are any indication, we should be at the top of our game come Auditory Assault. We'll have a solid set of mostly new material... and we'll more than likely have the split 7 inch in our possesion by that time, and some new t-shirts.

- also in the works for the start of the summer is a small tour with the crazy awesome TRANSIENT. go to our Myspace for the dates and to check out TRANSIENT in our top friends.

- that's all. Merry Rabbit Egg Day.

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