Monday, January 19, 2009

- this weekend Gary Graveyard came down and we wound up recording two of our most extreme tracks yet. i don't say "extreme" in the Jolt Cola Jason Statham double feature sense of the word, more in the sense that the two songs we did sort of represent the extreme ends of our musical spectrum.

the first track we recorded on Saturday night, entitled "MOBILE OF SYRINGES", is a roughly 20 minute harsh noise track we made up on the spot. First Lee and Jimmy recorded the sounds, which are about as bowel eroding as anything i've ever heard come out of those amps. As they were doing that, i collected 4 songs i had in my my lyric book and arranged them as best i could in accordance with what they were doing. When it was my turn, I was plugged into a big distortion peddle, which i played around with during the duration of my recording. It took a lot out of me... i used voices i didn't even know i had... and i felt a little like Peter Greene in Clean, Shaven afterwards... but it was worth it, cause the track sounds pretty awesome, and we finally got around to really exploring the noise side of things, which is something we've always hinted at, but now have fully embraced. lyrics are on the Myspace.

the second track is a complete 180 from "MOBILE OF SYRINGES"; a 20 second grindcore song entitled "CRIB DEATH FOGHORN". Gary actually used his drum machine for this one, and it sounds pretty damn good.

these two tracks (along w/ JESTER AXIS and CULT MACHINE) will be appearing on the CDR split w/ TASTE OF FEAR.

- still need a drummer.

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