Friday, September 26, 2008

- since nothing can over go right and/or sway in our favor, STARKWEATHER will unfortunately be unable to participate in tomorrow's show, due to quite severe medical issues. we wish them the speediest recovery imaginable, but unfortunately no recovery is speedy enough to insure they will be able to play tomorrow's show, so i'm pretty bummed out about that... along with the other usual personal BS, cause when it rains it pours AIDS.

- come out to the show anyway... RAW RADAR WAR and WE... ANIMALS are awesome, and you might just get a chance to see me vomit myself inside's hoping.

- rough mix of "MECHA-HORRIPIALTION" should be up soon. i uploaded it this morning onto the 'space, but since Thomsthpace runs on fucking Spagheti-Os and GI-Joe carbacks, it takes forever to actually appear on the damn site.

Monday, September 15, 2008

- recording started this past weekend w/ Gary from GRAVEYARD RODEO. wound up recording 8 songs instead of 5, but 2 of those songs didn't come out so hot, so we're leaving them out. so we have 6 tunes;


We still have to do vocals and some extra guitar stuff, but it's coming out big and heavy. Everybody seems to be digging it. We'll try to get it done in the next few weeks, but no promises. We'd rather take the time and produce something we're proud of then do a rush job and be left with mediocrity.

- recent musical obsessions; Birushanah, Der Eisenrost, Ghost Ice, Negativa, Nocturnal Graves, Cauldron Black Ram, Worm Hands, Zeni Geva, Desiderii Marginis, Gnaw Their Tongues, Rotten Sound, IRM, Soilent Green, the Paper Chase, Skin Chamber, Crowbar, Neurosis, Rose Kemp, M. Gira, Portal