Wednesday, August 27, 2008

- "IRON LUNG DUST BOWL" is slowly being pieced together. the parts are kind of just floating around right now, but there's some whacked shit in the air. It just gets more mental patient like from us.

- no shows for a month. than we hit it with STARKWEATHER, RAW RADAR WAR, and WE... ANIMALS. We have Rockstar Bar booked for 09/27/08. this will be awesome and you should go. unless you aren't awesome. you aren't not awesome, are you?

- recording in the next couple of weeks with Gary of the legendary GRAVEYARD RODEO. doing 5 songs for various (by "various" i mean "two") splits; one with Japan's DELLIN MULLER and another with Canada's COMPOUND TERROR (featuring Scott from ISKRA on vocals). we'll be doing these songs probably;


- that's all for now. don't forget to vote for Kodos.

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