Monday, August 18, 2008

Gay Bashing Bi-Curious Homo

- show last night w/ BRUTAL TRUTH and MACABRE was surreal to say the least. being on an actual stage with smoke machines, colored lights, and so forth was unusual for me... so i apologize if my movements were weird and gay. i didn't know what to do with myself and i just decided to say "fuck it" and went with it. the headliners were amazing as expected. thanks to everyone involved for getting us on the show, seeing the show, and everything else. it was a night to remember.

- next show is this Wednesday at the Charelstoned AGAIN w/ SARLAAC, ASH MONDAY, and GRUNDLE. we'll be debuting some new material for that one;

"DIVORCE MEDITATION" : i call this one "Gathering Intro" cause the opening (to me at least) sounds like something off Mandylion. i love that record, so it's cool with me.

"SMOKE SIGNALS FROM A BURNING CENTIPEDE" : Black Metal and Noise Rock having a blood-soaked fuck contest.

maybe some more.

- recording really soon. shows with RAW RADAR WAR and mother fucking STARKWEATHER are on the horizon.

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