Sunday, July 27, 2008

- show was us at our angriest. everything should go wrong more often. all the other bands were real solid, but INFERNAL STRONGHOLD blew us away. every player is the best kind of maniac. another winner from Philly. absolutely check them out if they're around your neck of the woods.

- show next week @ the Rockstar Bar w/ UNEARTHLY TRANCE, BLACK SEPTEMBER, and others. should be awesome.


- we have a split seven (tee) in the works with Japan's DELLIN MULLER (apologies if i misspelled). They're a real savage grindcore band. tight stuff. we'll be doing two songs. also in the works is a CD/EP featuring our 20 minute plus "LARVAL STAGE RAPIST" and one other track. we're also going to get around to doing the long gestating Richard Johnson collab.

- recent musical obsessions; Infernal Stronghold, the Paper Chase, Rose Kemp, Inquisition, Karp, the Nymphs, Sutter Kain, Sutcliffe Jugend, Made out of Babies, Cobalt, the Angelic Process, the Church, Die Kruezen, Hooker Spit Windex, Jedi Mind Tricks, Jesus of Nazareth, Nadja, Sulaco, Coil's Unreleased Themes from Hellraiser, Amebix, Gehenna, Sons of Abraham, Black September

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