Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dog Guts of a New Generation

- new show; August 17th w/ BRUTAL TRUTH and MACABRE.

this is a pretty big deal for me (also the rest of us i'm sure), as these were two bands that were crucial to me as a douchebag teenager first discovering the awesomeness of underground metal/grind/etc. we of course are playing first, followed by DEVOURMENT and MALIGNANCY then of course the main course of BRUTAL TRUTH and MACABRE.

and those of you cynical fucksticks who are ass-vomiting all over BT going on without Gurn on guitar...fucking save it. i saw BT at Maryland last year and they were fucking amazing, so shut your cock-sucker and keep pining like the turbo-cunts you are.

- show next week @ the Charleston w/ TRIAC, SEA OF BONES, YOUTH VIOLENCE, and FUCKED BY THE STATE. should be solid.

- looks like we got a new practice space on the way.

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