Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dog Guts of a New Generation

- new show; August 17th w/ BRUTAL TRUTH and MACABRE.

this is a pretty big deal for me (also the rest of us i'm sure), as these were two bands that were crucial to me as a douchebag teenager first discovering the awesomeness of underground metal/grind/etc. we of course are playing first, followed by DEVOURMENT and MALIGNANCY then of course the main course of BRUTAL TRUTH and MACABRE.

and those of you cynical fucksticks who are ass-vomiting all over BT going on without Gurn on guitar...fucking save it. i saw BT at Maryland last year and they were fucking amazing, so shut your cock-sucker and keep pining like the turbo-cunts you are.

- show next week @ the Charleston w/ TRIAC, SEA OF BONES, YOUTH VIOLENCE, and FUCKED BY THE STATE. should be solid.

- looks like we got a new practice space on the way.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

- next show is @ the Charleston June 27th.

- 2 new songs; "CLOCK HALT" and "DIVORCE MEDIATION".

"CLOCK HALT" is actually an updated version of one of our old-ass songs, "ROACH MOTEL ABDOMEN", and "DIVORCE MEDITATION" actually came to be out of a jam session, which is rare for us as far as songwriting goes, but it's very rewarding and awesome when you surprise yourself like that. lyrics will be posted on the 'Space.

- that's it. happy summer.