Saturday, March 22, 2008

Once Was Good

- to clear the air about my last post, for those of you who are ready to rape my soul over what some construed as an attack on Flotopsy;

the new Cryptopsy fucking sucks ass. the sucking of ass that the new Cryptopsy performs proves the point of my view of its ass-sucking more than any illustration ever could...but if i could do an illustration of how bad the new Cryptopsy would be a bunch of man-cherubs with hair like Rainbow Brite, clad in pink togas, farting sparkles, and felating 24 inch Liberache-shaped double-headed dildos..all the while i listen to "Slit Your Guts" and "Open Face Surgery" and cry in tribute of what was once an awesome band.

i wasn't attacking Flo. his drumming is awesome. it's the REST OF THE BAND that's weak now. perhaps that could have been more clear...but whatever. Drumming Sacred Cow or not, i cannot in all good consciousness defend or excuse this miserable excuse of a record. and if you heard it, you'd say the same thing. the riffs are more stiff than Bea Arthur in a room full of hard-ons...the vocals sound like ass running over ass with ass....the whole thing is so embarrassing and hideous that it makes Cold Lake and St. Anger seem like the next logical step in brutality. it's BAD.

don't think it's easy for me to say this; Blasphemy Made Flesh and None So Vile are two of my favorite albums ever. i even think Once was Not and Whisper Supremacy are solid releases. this new shit though is worthless. complete mall-going retardation for white-trash goth-lites.

that's all.

- we'll have some shirts, stickers, and buttons ready for the upcoming shows. thanks to all involved for helping us out with this stuff.

- go see STARKWEATHER and DEATHCYCLE @ ABC No Rio. Mike's going to be there. Mike is awesome. Hi Mike.

- Lee showed us a new song tonight. it's riffy. described by the man himself as a cross between RORSCHACH and NUCLEAR DEATH. doesn't have a title/lyrics yet. leaning towards "NOT YOUR HATE" or "DIVORCE MEDITATION", but i may have to dig into my archives for something else. we'll see what fits.

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