Tuesday, March 18, 2008


- good GOD it's terrible. I know a lot of people weren't fond of Once Was Not (i liked it), but you'd have to be a loose-brained palm-crease to think this is a step in the right direction. If i didn't know any better i'd swear Flo was drumming for the new KITTE LP. this is up there with DEP's performance on Conan O'Brian in terms of the worst-shit-i've-heard-this-year-so-far file.

- we're in the process of getting some t-shirts made-up. as soon as we can wrap our heads around heady concepts like "DPI", that is. trying to figure it out has been fucking my luddite-ass up these past few days. fuck i hate everything.

- shows;

May 7th - somewhere in Lindenhurst
May 17th - afternoon; ABC No Rio w/ ENDLESS BLOCKADE, COFFINS, and ASRA
post-afternoon; Rockstar Bar w/ " ", " ", and UNEARTHLY TRANCE

- for bands that still deliever, check the new SOILENT GREEN when it's released next month. best thing they've done since Sewn Mouth Secrets. it's like their Leave Scars; just one amazing riff after another.

- our new one "OPTIMUM HEARSE" is coming along pretty quickly. one of our weirder ones to be sure. Lee and Billy just keep topping themselves with the newer stuff we've been coming up with. each song is pretty unique, yet fits together into a bigger picture. I'm working really hard to make sure the lyrics are up to par....borderline suiciding myself, actually. perhaps i have something to prove to myself? yeah must be...or i've finally snapped for real.

- i work now.

- as for stuff i wished i'd been listening to a lot sooner;

Siouxie and the Banshees: Tinderbox, Juju, the Scream, and Kaleidescope just made the top of my Amazon wishlist.

Sons of Abraham: the band Glassjaw wishes they could be.

Residents: sound like nightmares i wish i would have.

- still have tapes on the way. we'll let you know when...

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Jeff said...

Hey, fuck you! Flo is one of the top drummers out there. I know you attack out of pure jealousy. You roast cryptopsy, but fail to illustrate or substantiate your point.