Monday, February 18, 2008



- new pics from last Saturday's practice are up on our Myspace.

- might have our first Long Island show in two years coming late in the spring.

- saw Diamanda Galas this past Thursday. Indescribably Intense. the Undead Gypsy Queen of Opera/Soul/Glossolalia has still got it.

- recent musical obsessions; Vzaeurvbtre, Root, Strid, Negura Bunget, Nevermore (In Memory through Dreaming Neon Black), the Gathering (Mandylion and Nighttime Birds), Samael (everything upto and including Passage), the Residents, the Telescopes, She and Him, Ved Buens Ende, Memento Mori, Queen Adreena, Nuit Noire, Vulcano, Anal Vomit, Dillinger Escape Plan (Under the Running Board and s/t), Test Dept., Angels of Light, Akron, Creation is Crucifixion, Kayo Dot, Playing Enemy, Poe (Haunted), Sentenced (North from Here), Soilent Green, Neurosis (Enemy of the Sun through Times of Grace), Leather Tuscadaro, Lycanthropy, Krupskaya, King Crimson, Portal, Flaming Fire,

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Everybody Know Nothing from Nowhere and Not

- practices have been going pretty well. Scott is officially our drummer. think i said that already, but there it is.

- probably won't be playing a show until May. writing, practice, and recording for the time being.

- i need a job.

- Just d/l a retarded amount of TV show theme songs. everything from Doogie Howser to Ultraman.

- the Communion/Richard Johnson project is still on. This is the fastest, shortest stuff we've written. so far we have 5 songs planned; "ANDALUSIAN CHERUBS", "WOMAN IN REFRIGERATOR SYNDROME", "ZODIACAL", "CIRCADIAN KACHINA", and "THE GENTLEMAN NIGHTMARE".

- recent musical obsessions; D.R.I., Goldfrapp, Acme, Flaming Fire, Beirut, Young Marble Giants, Dead Can Dance, Serge Gainsbourg, Cocorosie, Karp, Deadly Orifice, Universal Order of Armageddon, Starkweather, Cranes, the Bellrays, Swervedriver, Bjork, Integrity, Total Fucking Destruction, Cobalt, The The, Zeni Geva, His Name Is Alive, Cocteau Twins, Maids of Gravity, Pestilence, Sistrenatus, Believer, Ulcerate, Swans, Tom Waits, Miranda Sex Garden, Diamanda Galas, Univers Zero, Ashes, Oroku, Moss Icon, Gnaw Their Tongues, Amen-Ra, Pantera (Power Metal), Portishead, Soilent Green