Tuesday, December 9, 2008

- Scott is no longer playing drums for us. No drama... just the way things work. No hard feelings whatsoever, Scott. many thanks for everything you did.

- some stuff is lined up, though... so no worries just yet.

- we'll be recording in the next couple of weeks with Tony Biscuits on the skins for a split CDR. we'll be recording "CRIB DEATH FOGHORN" (our 20-25 second grindolence tune), and a cover of "SAILIN' ON" by Bad Brains. other songs on our side will include "JESTER AXIS" and "CULT MACHINE" from our Fall 2007 recordings (also featuring Biscuits on drums).

- New songs;

"HYPNAGOGIC CAREGIVER" (stop and start)
"CONJUGAL APPARITION" (low and lazy)
"IRON LUNG DUST BOWL" (dissonant and French)
"MAUSOLEUM LOTHARIO" (not sure yet)

- recent music obsessions: Outlaw Order, Agnostic Front, Hindvir, Box of Fish, Born Without a Face, Spine Wrench, Carla Bozulich, Integrity, Sleepytime Trio, Deathcycle, Virus, Antioch Arrow, Those Poor Bastards, Macronympha, Omei, Brown Jenkins, Confessor, Ulcerate, Atelcine, Lonesome Wyatt and the Holy Spooks, Sade, Brainbombs, Neglect, Semargl, Cro-Mags, 13, Pink Floyd, Hemophiliac, Burial Chamber Trio, 2 Foot Yard, Glorior Belli, Burning Witch, Serge Gainsbourg, ESham, the Gerogerigegege, Circle of Dead Children, Incapacitants, Immortal, Grave in the Sky, Brobdingnagian, Skeleton of God

- recent movie obsessions: Zoo, Piano Tuner of Earthquakes, Riki-Oh: the Story of Ricky, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension, Valerie and her Week of Wonders, Punisher: War Zone, Ebola Syndrome, A Chinese Torture Chamber Story, The Dark Backward, Pi, Darkness: the Vampire Version, Cannibal Apocalypse, WR: Mysteries of the Organism, Avida, Daisies, Pinocchio 964, Funky Forest: the First Contact, Ascension, Family Portraits: A Trilogy of America, Sheitan, Calviare: the Ordeal, Secret Things, Pola X, The Pornagrapher, Intimacy, Mondo Cane 1 & 2

Sunday, November 23, 2008

- new songs up on Myspace

- played our first Long Island show in two years last night w/ PHECALTOPSY and OUT OF STEP, both of which were really tight. It was a nice, lean show, and thanks for making us feel welcome... it's not something we usually feel around these parts.

- last night's show may have been the last one of the year for us. next show shouldn't be for a while as it's fucking cold out and we have some more songs to finish up writing, but some cool stuff is in the works as per usual.

- the mixing is all done... the artwork is all picked out.... soon The Communion will have our first official vinyl releases. big thanks to every one of you who made this possible. we appreciate it immensely.

- recent movie obsessions; Din of Celestial Birds, the Wrestler, Vinyan, I Sell the Dead, Home Movie, Shivers, Tokyo Gore Police, Scarce, the short films of Richard Kern, Sisters, the Orphic Trilogy, Pig, Clean Shaven, Toys are not For Children, Desecration, Vice Squad, Vampyr, The Witch Who Came From the Sea, Ex Drummer, Blood Feast, Living Hell: a Japanese Chainsaw Massacre, Black Angel Complete, Sensitive New Age Killer, Defenceless,

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


- first Long Island show in 2 and 1/2 years coming up next month. flyer soon.

- final mixing and further recording will happen during the weekend of Nov. 7.

- lots of stuff is coming out from us in the next few months. stay tuned.

- recent musical obsessions: Yakuza, Overcast, Killdozer, Birushanah, Zeni Geva, Soft Machine, IRM, Brighter Death Now, Killing Joke, Gigan, Jesus Lizard, Gnaw Their Tongues, Gojira, TV on the Radio, Void, Butthole Surfers, Klaus Nomi, Foetus, Silver Apples, Unruh, Castevet, Cattlepress, Scratch Acid

Sunday, October 19, 2008

scrawlshop 12 is finally out featuring:

EXTREME NOISE TERROR - an exclusive by USA correspondent Albert Alisuag
+ reviews, guest reviews/columns by Emil Rex Cruz, Brian Castillo, Jamie Perez, Yesk, Pilipinass comics by Reypeace Bravo,
killer guest cover art by Gani Simpliciano of Loss of Control and more.

80 pages, half sized - 45 pesos only at local shows / 100 pesos by mail anywhere in Pilipinas. leave a msg to get a copy. trades are cool (demos, promos, zines, beer etc)

interested distro's please leave a message, let's cut a deal!
thanks to Allan Diaz Printing Co. for the killer cover print

- song title change; "SCREAMING CRIB DEATH!" will now be called "CRIB DEATH FOGHORN" cause it's way funnier.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

NP: Vision of Disorder - Element

- so we'll have our first Long Island show in 2 and 1/2 years on November 22 @ Fin's Pub in Oakdale with other local acts PHECALTOPSY (Gurgling Porn Death), PERVERSE (Female Fronted Dreamgaze) and one more TBA.

- final mix should be done by the end of the month/early in the next.

- we have written our first 20 second song entitled "SCREAMING CRIB DEATH!". also our first song to utilize an exclamation point in the title.

- other new song in preliminary stages; "MAUSOLEUM LOTHARIO".

- recent movie obsessions; Trick 'R Treat, Synecdoche New York, Let the Right One In, Trouble Every Day, The Brutal Hopelessness of Love, the Fall, Carne, Tomie, Tokyo Psycho, Id, Ekusute Exte, Base Moi, Flower and Snake 1 & 2, Brand Upon the Brain!, the Girl Next Door, Tokyo Decadence, Noriko's Dinner Table, the short films of Jaume Balaguero

Friday, September 26, 2008

- since nothing can over go right and/or sway in our favor, STARKWEATHER will unfortunately be unable to participate in tomorrow's show, due to quite severe medical issues. we wish them the speediest recovery imaginable, but unfortunately no recovery is speedy enough to insure they will be able to play tomorrow's show, so i'm pretty bummed out about that... along with the other usual personal BS, cause when it rains it pours AIDS.

- come out to the show anyway... RAW RADAR WAR and WE... ANIMALS are awesome, and you might just get a chance to see me vomit myself inside out....here's hoping.

- rough mix of "MECHA-HORRIPIALTION" should be up soon. i uploaded it this morning onto the 'space, but since Thomsthpace runs on fucking Spagheti-Os and GI-Joe carbacks, it takes forever to actually appear on the damn site.

Monday, September 15, 2008

- recording started this past weekend w/ Gary from GRAVEYARD RODEO. wound up recording 8 songs instead of 5, but 2 of those songs didn't come out so hot, so we're leaving them out. so we have 6 tunes;


We still have to do vocals and some extra guitar stuff, but it's coming out big and heavy. Everybody seems to be digging it. We'll try to get it done in the next few weeks, but no promises. We'd rather take the time and produce something we're proud of then do a rush job and be left with mediocrity.

- recent musical obsessions; Birushanah, Der Eisenrost, Ghost Ice, Negativa, Nocturnal Graves, Cauldron Black Ram, Worm Hands, Zeni Geva, Desiderii Marginis, Gnaw Their Tongues, Rotten Sound, IRM, Soilent Green, the Paper Chase, Skin Chamber, Crowbar, Neurosis, Rose Kemp, M. Gira, Portal

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

- "IRON LUNG DUST BOWL" is slowly being pieced together. the parts are kind of just floating around right now, but there's some whacked shit in the air. It just gets more mental patient like from us.

- no shows for a month. than we hit it with STARKWEATHER, RAW RADAR WAR, and WE... ANIMALS. We have Rockstar Bar booked for 09/27/08. this will be awesome and you should go. unless you aren't awesome. you aren't not awesome, are you?

- recording in the next couple of weeks with Gary of the legendary GRAVEYARD RODEO. doing 5 songs for various (by "various" i mean "two") splits; one with Japan's DELLIN MULLER and another with Canada's COMPOUND TERROR (featuring Scott from ISKRA on vocals). we'll be doing these songs probably;


- that's all for now. don't forget to vote for Kodos.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Gay Bashing Bi-Curious Homo

- show last night w/ BRUTAL TRUTH and MACABRE was surreal to say the least. being on an actual stage with smoke machines, colored lights, and so forth was unusual for me... so i apologize if my movements were weird and gay. i didn't know what to do with myself and i just decided to say "fuck it" and went with it. the headliners were amazing as expected. thanks to everyone involved for getting us on the show, seeing the show, and everything else. it was a night to remember.

- next show is this Wednesday at the Charelstoned AGAIN w/ SARLAAC, ASH MONDAY, and GRUNDLE. we'll be debuting some new material for that one;

"DIVORCE MEDITATION" : i call this one "Gathering Intro" cause the opening (to me at least) sounds like something off Mandylion. i love that record, so it's cool with me.

"SMOKE SIGNALS FROM A BURNING CENTIPEDE" : Black Metal and Noise Rock having a blood-soaked fuck contest.

maybe some more.

- recording really soon. shows with RAW RADAR WAR and mother fucking STARKWEATHER are on the horizon.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

- new song in early development; "IRON LUNG DUST BOWL"

- shows next week w/ the likes of GRIDLINK, WEEKEND NACHOS, ASRA, BRUTAL TRUTH, MACABRE, and more. big week for us i suppose.

- show last saturday was pretty awesome. UNEARTHLY TRANCE, BLACK SEPTEMBER, VULTURES, and BUCKSHOT FACELIFT all put on solid sets. great turn out and distros also.

- new albums from GNAW THEIR TONGUES and DEATHCYCLE are ruling the universe. old albums from RORSCHACH and IRM are doing the same.

- recent movie obsessions; Begotten, Tideland, Shoot 'Em Up, Martyrs, Id, the Dark Knight, Midnight Meat Train, Art of the Devil 2 & 3, Nightmare Detective 2, Goodbye Uncle Tom, Tokyo Gore Police, Schramm, Punisher: War Zone, The Devils, Repo!: the Genetic Opera, Subconscious Cruelty, Tokyo Fist, Inside, La Terza Madre, Dellamorte Dellamore, Strange Circus, Dust Devil, Philosophy of a Knife, Anguish, Organ, Freeze Me

Sunday, July 27, 2008

- show was us at our angriest. everything should go wrong more often. all the other bands were real solid, but INFERNAL STRONGHOLD blew us away. every player is the best kind of maniac. another winner from Philly. absolutely check them out if they're around your neck of the woods.

- show next week @ the Rockstar Bar w/ UNEARTHLY TRANCE, BLACK SEPTEMBER, and others. should be awesome.


- we have a split seven (tee) in the works with Japan's DELLIN MULLER (apologies if i misspelled). They're a real savage grindcore band. tight stuff. we'll be doing two songs. also in the works is a CD/EP featuring our 20 minute plus "LARVAL STAGE RAPIST" and one other track. we're also going to get around to doing the long gestating Richard Johnson collab.

- recent musical obsessions; Infernal Stronghold, the Paper Chase, Rose Kemp, Inquisition, Karp, the Nymphs, Sutter Kain, Sutcliffe Jugend, Made out of Babies, Cobalt, the Angelic Process, the Church, Die Kruezen, Hooker Spit Windex, Jedi Mind Tricks, Jesus of Nazareth, Nadja, Sulaco, Coil's Unreleased Themes from Hellraiser, Amebix, Gehenna, Sons of Abraham, Black September

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

- new song;

"LARVAL STAGE RAPIST". 20 minute blackened sludge fuck noise of a track.

- show @ the Charleston a week from Saturday.

- new releases by COBALT, MELVINS, SUTCLIFFE JUGEND, and MADE OUT OF BABIES are kicking ass.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dog Guts of a New Generation

- new show; August 17th w/ BRUTAL TRUTH and MACABRE.

this is a pretty big deal for me (also the rest of us i'm sure), as these were two bands that were crucial to me as a douchebag teenager first discovering the awesomeness of underground metal/grind/etc. we of course are playing first, followed by DEVOURMENT and MALIGNANCY then of course the main course of BRUTAL TRUTH and MACABRE.

and those of you cynical fucksticks who are ass-vomiting all over BT going on without Gurn on guitar...fucking save it. i saw BT at Maryland last year and they were fucking amazing, so shut your cock-sucker and keep pining like the turbo-cunts you are.

- show next week @ the Charleston w/ TRIAC, SEA OF BONES, YOUTH VIOLENCE, and FUCKED BY THE STATE. should be solid.

- looks like we got a new practice space on the way.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

- next show is @ the Charleston June 27th.

- 2 new songs; "CLOCK HALT" and "DIVORCE MEDIATION".

"CLOCK HALT" is actually an updated version of one of our old-ass songs, "ROACH MOTEL ABDOMEN", and "DIVORCE MEDITATION" actually came to be out of a jam session, which is rare for us as far as songwriting goes, but it's very rewarding and awesome when you surprise yourself like that. lyrics will be posted on the 'Space.

- that's it. happy summer.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

NP: Tori Amos - God

This is it, ladies and gentlemen....the day and evening's entertainment.

We'll be playing 2 shows this coming Saturday, May the 17th. We'll be returning to ABC NO RIO in Manhattan @ 3pm, then crossing the bridge to Williamsburg to play the ROCKSTAR BAR. both shows feature COFFINS and THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE. the ABC show will also feature ASRA and the Rockstar show will feature motherfucking DEATHCYCLE.

This is the first time we've attempted to do 2 shows in one day. it's also the first show(s) we'll be doing with our most solid, most drama-free line up ever. I'd be lying if i said there wasn't a touch of nervousness in me...after all, this is the longest we've gone without playing a show (the last show was early September of 2007), but it should be pretty awesome regardless. we've been practicing regularly since January, and we've even got quite a few new songs show-ready, which we're psyched about. we've also got some other cool stuff in store, so please don't miss out. i don't wanna jinx it, but this may be the best line-up for live shows that we've ever had...just a feeling.

so come out a witness a near-year's worth of psychosis come to a head, taking the shape of our god awful racket. we'll have 2 new t-shirt designs (both of which are in black, you whiny metaloids), some buttons, some stickers, and copies of our discography release The Communion Thus Far, which features both our demos and several unreleased tracks, as well as a killer layout by Eva Blah, our best looking supporter.

We're excited. hope you are as well.

see you Saturday.

NP: Tori Amos - Past the Mission

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

shows are coming up on your ass.

- STARKWEATHER were fucking brilliant on Saturday.

- recent musical obsessions; Disincarnate, Soilent Green, Cocorosie, Flaming Fire, Unearthly Trance, Black Flag, Daniel Johnston, Acme, ESHam, Gehenna, Siouxie and the Banshees, the Cure, Axis of Perdition, Paradise Lost, Sons of Abraham, Semargl, Portishead, Anal Vomit, King Crimson, Einsturzende Neubauten, Darkside NYC, Foiled Again, Starkweather, the Residents, Candlemass, Sutter Cain, Gnaw Their Tongues, Born Without a Face, Opeth...pretty much buisness as usual i suppose.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Glossolalia in brail. Rabbits suspended behind a butcher shop window in front of a busy playground. Every other belly about a face, though no heads share the front. Cri du chat implosion in the bone-voids beneath taped luggage torsos. Cattlegun firing squads air-hole the upturned gurney.


- we have stickers, buttons, and 2 new t-shirt designs. other stuff in store as well.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Once Was Good

- to clear the air about my last post, for those of you who are ready to rape my soul over what some construed as an attack on Flotopsy;

the new Cryptopsy fucking sucks ass. the sucking of ass that the new Cryptopsy performs proves the point of my view of its ass-sucking more than any illustration ever could...but if i could do an illustration of how bad the new Cryptopsy is...it would be a bunch of man-cherubs with hair like Rainbow Brite, clad in pink togas, farting sparkles, and felating 24 inch Liberache-shaped double-headed dildos..all the while i listen to "Slit Your Guts" and "Open Face Surgery" and cry in tribute of what was once an awesome band.

i wasn't attacking Flo. his drumming is awesome. it's the REST OF THE BAND that's weak now. perhaps that could have been more clear...but whatever. Drumming Sacred Cow or not, i cannot in all good consciousness defend or excuse this miserable excuse of a record. and if you heard it, you'd say the same thing. the riffs are more stiff than Bea Arthur in a room full of hard-ons...the vocals sound like ass running over ass with ass....the whole thing is so embarrassing and hideous that it makes Cold Lake and St. Anger seem like the next logical step in brutality. it's BAD.

don't think it's easy for me to say this; Blasphemy Made Flesh and None So Vile are two of my favorite albums ever. i even think Once was Not and Whisper Supremacy are solid releases. this new shit though is worthless. complete mall-going retardation for white-trash goth-lites.

that's all.

- we'll have some shirts, stickers, and buttons ready for the upcoming shows. thanks to all involved for helping us out with this stuff.

- go see STARKWEATHER and DEATHCYCLE @ ABC No Rio. Mike's going to be there. Mike is awesome. Hi Mike.

- Lee showed us a new song tonight. it's riffy. described by the man himself as a cross between RORSCHACH and NUCLEAR DEATH. doesn't have a title/lyrics yet. leaning towards "NOT YOUR HATE" or "DIVORCE MEDITATION", but i may have to dig into my archives for something else. we'll see what fits.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


- good GOD it's terrible. I know a lot of people weren't fond of Once Was Not (i liked it), but you'd have to be a loose-brained palm-crease to think this is a step in the right direction. If i didn't know any better i'd swear Flo was drumming for the new KITTE LP. this is up there with DEP's performance on Conan O'Brian in terms of the worst-shit-i've-heard-this-year-so-far file.

- we're in the process of getting some t-shirts made-up. as soon as we can wrap our heads around heady concepts like "DPI", that is. trying to figure it out has been fucking my luddite-ass up these past few days. fuck i hate everything.

- shows;

May 7th - somewhere in Lindenhurst
May 17th - afternoon; ABC No Rio w/ ENDLESS BLOCKADE, COFFINS, and ASRA
post-afternoon; Rockstar Bar w/ " ", " ", and UNEARTHLY TRANCE

- for bands that still deliever, check the new SOILENT GREEN when it's released next month. best thing they've done since Sewn Mouth Secrets. it's like their Leave Scars; just one amazing riff after another.

- our new one "OPTIMUM HEARSE" is coming along pretty quickly. one of our weirder ones to be sure. Lee and Billy just keep topping themselves with the newer stuff we've been coming up with. each song is pretty unique, yet fits together into a bigger picture. I'm working really hard to make sure the lyrics are up to par....borderline suiciding myself, actually. perhaps i have something to prove to myself? yeah must be...or i've finally snapped for real.

- i work now.

- as for stuff i wished i'd been listening to a lot sooner;

Siouxie and the Banshees: Tinderbox, Juju, the Scream, and Kaleidescope just made the top of my Amazon wishlist.

Sons of Abraham: the band Glassjaw wishes they could be.

Residents: sound like nightmares i wish i would have.

- still have tapes on the way. we'll let you know when...

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


NW: Death Wish 3. REAGANOMICS!

- new song floating around in pieces; "OPTIMUM HEARSE". we've been playing around with this one for the last couple of practices. Lee and Billy are coming up with some really interesting stuff for this one. lyrics are about assorted so-and-so...mostly related to dissatisfaction and vague existentialism. though i suppose existentialism is always essentially vague...whatever. it's about miserable stuff as always.

- looks like we'll be playing Long Island for the first time in 2 years on May 7th. more to come.

- we're playing 2 shows on May 17th. an afternoon show @ everyone's favorite hardcore charnel house ABC No Rio, and a night show somewhere in Brooklyn. both shows will feature THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE and COFFINS. ASRA will be on one or both of the shows, and UNEARTHLY TRANCE will be on the night show. should be a solid, sludgy day and we're looking forward to it big time.


Monday, February 18, 2008



- new pics from last Saturday's practice are up on our Myspace.

- might have our first Long Island show in two years coming late in the spring.

- saw Diamanda Galas this past Thursday. Indescribably Intense. the Undead Gypsy Queen of Opera/Soul/Glossolalia has still got it.

- recent musical obsessions; Vzaeurvbtre, Root, Strid, Negura Bunget, Nevermore (In Memory through Dreaming Neon Black), the Gathering (Mandylion and Nighttime Birds), Samael (everything upto and including Passage), the Residents, the Telescopes, She and Him, Ved Buens Ende, Memento Mori, Queen Adreena, Nuit Noire, Vulcano, Anal Vomit, Dillinger Escape Plan (Under the Running Board and s/t), Test Dept., Angels of Light, Akron, Creation is Crucifixion, Kayo Dot, Playing Enemy, Poe (Haunted), Sentenced (North from Here), Soilent Green, Neurosis (Enemy of the Sun through Times of Grace), Leather Tuscadaro, Lycanthropy, Krupskaya, King Crimson, Portal, Flaming Fire,

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Everybody Know Nothing from Nowhere and Not

- practices have been going pretty well. Scott is officially our drummer. think i said that already, but there it is.

- probably won't be playing a show until May. writing, practice, and recording for the time being.

- i need a job.

- Just d/l a retarded amount of TV show theme songs. everything from Doogie Howser to Ultraman.

- the Communion/Richard Johnson project is still on. This is the fastest, shortest stuff we've written. so far we have 5 songs planned; "ANDALUSIAN CHERUBS", "WOMAN IN REFRIGERATOR SYNDROME", "ZODIACAL", "CIRCADIAN KACHINA", and "THE GENTLEMAN NIGHTMARE".

- recent musical obsessions; D.R.I., Goldfrapp, Acme, Flaming Fire, Beirut, Young Marble Giants, Dead Can Dance, Serge Gainsbourg, Cocorosie, Karp, Deadly Orifice, Universal Order of Armageddon, Starkweather, Cranes, the Bellrays, Swervedriver, Bjork, Integrity, Total Fucking Destruction, Cobalt, The The, Zeni Geva, His Name Is Alive, Cocteau Twins, Maids of Gravity, Pestilence, Sistrenatus, Believer, Ulcerate, Swans, Tom Waits, Miranda Sex Garden, Diamanda Galas, Univers Zero, Ashes, Oroku, Moss Icon, Gnaw Their Tongues, Amen-Ra, Pantera (Power Metal), Portishead, Soilent Green

Friday, January 11, 2008

- on the good news front; the Communion had its first practice w/ a full band since Ju-fuck-ly. we jammed with a drummer named Scott, who seemed really enthused and into the whole whatever-the-fuck. His drumming style is very cool and raw, like all the best ugly thrash/death the underground used to offer. Fits us like a lady-bic enema. this was also the first time we jammed with our new bassist Jimmy. his bass tone is pretty bad-ass, super-heavy and solid. i don't wanna jinx it, but this could work out nicely.

- the Communion is also doing a project with Richard Johnson (formerly of Enemy Soil, currently of Drugs of Faith) simply titled "The Communion featuring Richard Johnson". Richard has been sending us tracks he's written on a drum machine, to which we will add guitars, bass, noise, and vocals. this will pretty much be a total grind project. influences/reference points include;

Looking for an Answer, Cripple Bastards, Pig Destroyer, Antigama, Drugs of Faith, Sayyadina, Psycho, pre-Relapse Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Dead Infection, and a bunch of other stuff that message board faggots will say we sound nothing like.

we're also looking to have some guest vocalists lay down some....vocals. all in all it will be a short, fast, dense, pissed-off record. so far two songs have been worked on; "ANDALUSIAN CHERUBS" and "WOMAN IN REFRIGERATOR SYNDROME". it will still be the Communion, just faster and shorter.

all in all we're pretty stoked, especially after the open-face shit sandwich (with no bread...and extra shit) that was 2007. again, don't wanna jinx anything, but 2008 may not be so lame.

- Happy Birthday to Me.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

- Merry 2008 everyone.

- some big things are in the process of being in the works of talk. ttay suned


- our good friends over in DEATHCYCLE will be heading out to Baltimore to play with our not-so-secret man crushes STARKWEATHER. if you're in the area, close to the area, have heard of the area, or anything else, get down there and witness one of the last truly unique American Metal Bands burn your nerves with the musical equivalent of your skinned appendages being dipped one-by-one into a chipped fish bowl filled with a mix of salt water and battery acid, than having the blistered muscle and pulpy ligaments scrapped off the bone and boiled into a protein feed for mutant farm animal rapists. only...you know...with guitars and such.

- recent musical obsessions; Cobalt, Those Poor Bastards, Milligram, Psycho, Believer, Sistrenatus, Born Without a Face, Gasp, Caina, Karp, Portal, Maudlin of the Well, Today is the Day, Ulcerate, La Gritona, Daniel Johnston, Looking for an Answer, Goldfrapp, Wishbone Ash, Crionics, Alec Empire, Gride, Monolithe, Gorguts, Antigama, Devoid of Faith, Neanderthal, Assfactor 4, Tori Amos (Under the Pink and Boys for Pele), Atlas Shrugged, the Rohan Theatre Band, Six Silver Spiders, Yes, Roses Never Fade, Gnaw Their Tongues, Vomit Orchestra, Sayyadina