Thursday, December 27, 2007

You Bet Your Life it Is.

- everyday is another "fuck you".

- it's been well over three months since we've had a drummer. the break we needed after the shit-summer has worn out its welcome. we're talking Madonna-Ray of Light/Janet Jackson-the Velvet Rope levels of enough-is-enough. we're more miserable now than ever. life is just shitting on our faces and we're getting insanely desperate.

i don't wanna say "this is it"... because i don't really believe that it is. i fee like what we have is too good to abandon for as lame-ass a reason as "derrr us kant fyn uh dromur". it's fucking weak and we're not-so-much weak. if that's how it ends than i'll be seeing you in the Obiochuarys. look under "self immolation on a playground in front of a gaggle of screaming single mothers clutching their bastard kids to their male-repellent bodies".

Drummers. get in touch. people who know drummers, help us out, eh?