Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Post of Ass.

- try and see how many time i speak of ass in this post.

- we'll be recording "JESTER AXIS" in a couple of weeks for the 4-way split tape on Coagulate. Anthony (Disnihil, Sick of Talk) we'll be doing the drums. he know the song like the back of his ass (trust me, that sounded complimentary in my head), so we'll bang it out of our ass in no time. Thanks again Tony Biscuits. you're really helping us out of an ass of a situation.

- may have a bassist. be back out of my ass later with that.

- saw Melvins this past Friday. solid set. didn't stop playing out of their asses for an hour and 15 minutes. played some obscure out-of-the-ass stuff that i can't remember off the top of my ass right now, but they rocked the shit out of my ass.

- recent musical obsessions (of the ass); Tool, Portal, Raison D'etre, SSD, Flipper, Wovenhand, Cryptopsy, Screaming Corpse, SPK, Born Without a Face, Hesper Payne, Fear Factory (Demanufacture), King Crimson, Morbid Angel, Iceburn, the Wolfgang Press, Starkweather, Ignivomous, pre-Land of Rape and Honey Ministry, Stereo MCs, Portishead, Sammy Duet era Crowbar, In Slaughter Natives, Pellinore, Neutral Milk Hotel, Brazzaville, Cranes, Missing Foundation

- get well soon, Mom.

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