Thursday, October 25, 2007

- Jimmy is our bassist now. Hi Jimmy.

- the bulk of the recording for the Coagulate Tapes 4-Way split was done last night. just need Jimmy to do the bass and Matt to add the noise-sheath. so far it sounds pretty excellent. everyone seems to be satisfied with it, so that's good.

Thanks to Phil (sorry i didn't catch your last name) for doing a great job recording us, and also mucho props to Tony Biscuits for doing an awesome job on the drums. he pretty much nailed every take, which is pretty amazing considering that we didn't rehearse or anything before hand, just went in there and banged out the tracks. good job everyone. twas a good night...and we needed a good night.

- ASRA is playing Saturday Afternoon @ ABC No Rio. go see them. I think Disassociate is playing this weekend also.

- Jesu and Oxbow @ Irving Plaza on Nov. 1...making it the best Day of the Dead EVER.

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