Sunday, September 9, 2007

Dead are the Killed

Why Can't We Be Fweinds?

yeah. it's that time of year again. the short break that feels agonizing. stagnant times. the breeding ground for regrets and wrong doings.

quoting Darkest Hour? sure...why not?

if you heard, we lost ANOTHER practice space. super.

we've got a show next week (flyer's below) where you can check out our ulcer-incarnate stylings. hopefully in the next few weeks we'll record some stuff. Oct. 27 we'll be playing Pussycat Lounge w/ ASRA, Disassociate, Tombs, and one more amazing act that i'm not sure is confirmed, so i'll refrain from dropping the name. than a long break where hopefully everything will work out and we'll be friends...maybe not with each other...but with someone i hope.

forgive the cryptic nature of this post. these eggshells are sharp.

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