Thursday, September 13, 2007

Boyz II Amen

- we've had to cancel our appearance this Sunday upstate. we're deeply sorry for this, as those of us who are close enough to really know us know that we absolutely hate canceling shows, and we do everything in our power to keep it together and play every show we have booked. but we have a good reason; no rhythm section.

- both our drummer Jason and our bassist Dave decided to quit the Communion. this has been building since the weekend tour this past May, and it finally came to a head this week. i won't get into the details because they are relevant only to us, so i'll just say that i'm bummed things couldn't work out. i said on more than one occasion that this line-up was our strongest...when we were all on the top of our game. the shows this summer were not us at the top of our game. with minimal exceptions, the shows were not played well, due to scheduling conflicts and lack of communication mostly.

- there's still Lee, Billy, myself, and Matt. we all like each other, we all still have some ideas and intentions, so we're keeping this thing going. the search for a new drummer and a new bassist begins. This won't stop us. no more set backs. we're blowing through these times like a destitute Rebecca Lord blowing through creepy French guys; like our lives depend on it.

so we'll be in hiding i guess. working on new stuff. getting our shit together. anyone interested in playing bass or drums; feel free to contact me or the Communion MySpace.

see you chumps lata.

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