Monday, August 13, 2007

Transformer Quality at a Go-Bot price!

September, 16 2007 at Club Passion or Lacuna
Route 6, Mohegan Lake, New York
Cost : $7 or $5 with a flyer

Sunday Matinee Featuring: Hollywood Streetwalker, Persephone’s Fall, The Communion, Rising Up Rising Down and many more TBD. Doors at 12 noon, show starts at 1 PM.

last last LAST (for super serial) show for a awhile....unless something good comes along....even if it don't.

- recent musical obsessions; Hesper Payne, Logical Nonsense, Unruh, Sybil Vayne, Utuk Xul, Vorkuta, Word Salad, Badly Drawn Boy, Bloodlet, Depeche Mode, Portal, Sutcliffe Jugend, Gruntsplatter, Vegas, Nuclear Death, Asunder, Prince and the Revolution, Genesis, Coalesce

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