Monday, August 20, 2007

There Ain't No 2nd Chance Against The Thing With 40 Eyes

- show saturday went pretty well. thanks to all who came out, big thanks to ASRA (not only for putting on a kick-ass show, but for helping us w/ equipment), Fucked by the State, and Bloody Phoenix for making it one pretty fun noisy thing. you were all pretty excellent at your craft, as well as being some of the nicer, cooler people we've encountered in our years. we look forward to seeing you all again pretty soon.

- next one(s) is August 27th at Lit Lunge w/ A.P.P.L.E., Body Soil, and others, than Sept 16. at Club Lacunasomethingorother w/ Hollywood Streetwalker, Fucked by the State, and many others...the flyers are on all over Myspace, this blog, i won't post them again.

- than comes the writing/recording break. we're fiending to work on some new material, as well as get much of the songs we've been playing for the last couple of months to tape.

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