Tuesday, August 7, 2007

- if you see someone holding a "Free Hugs" sign;

1. kick him in the balls (it's always a guy...usually of the mangy safe-activist side of the hipster persuasion. no woman would be stupid enough to give hugs away.)
2. give him a hockey-punch
3. fuck his face.

now THAT'S a deal.

- show last night was decent. nothing to eventful, but nothing to embarrassing either. next show is August 18 @ Tommy's Tavern w/ Bloody Phoenix, ASRA, and more. than one more show August 27 @ the Lit Lounge AGAIN w/ A.P.P.L.E., Body Soil, and more. than we hunker down and focus on fine-tuning some newer stuff, than putting together our full-length Kanalbrigade.

- recent musical obsessions; Sybil Vane, Year of the Rabbit, Asunder, Portal, Arkhon Infaustus, Sutcliffe Jugend, Rwake, Deathspell Omega, Rollins Band, Bone Awl, Vegas, Haymaker, Kietzer, Dead Raven Choir, Monarch!, Tombs, Darkside NYC, Barkmarket, Glorior Belli, Willpower era Today is the Day, Sex Gang Children, Blut Aus Nord

- recently burning-my-ass; the new Red Chord. don't listen to these PR Regurgitating Magazine "Writers"...this is a weak, lazy, and DULL album. talk about having it than losing it. the Red Chord is now officially the Weezer of Deathgrindmoshwhatever stuff; one decent record followed by a mediocre but passable second album that in turn is followed by a collection of phone-ins. get the new Antigama or the last (as well as the upcoming) Comity album if you want that style of music done with some real intensity that doesn't fall back on bonehead mosh parts or teetering-on-hipster ironic "dark" humor that was interesting/fresh 12 years ago when Deadguy put out Fixation on a Co-Worker, but is now watered down to the point that it is the musical equivalent of a Manhattan Rickshaw Driver with a "Free Hugs" sign hanging around his neck. fuck this band and anyone who looks like this band.

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