Friday, July 20, 2007

wow...a rant. ...different.

NP: Diamanda Galas - the Singer

- here's the Communion show calender;

July, 23 2007 at lit lounge
93 2nd ave, new york city, New York
Cost :

w/ Kursk, Romans, Khan

July, 24 2007 at club midway
25 avenue B, new york, 10009
Cost :


August, 6 2007 at lit lounge
93 2nd ave, NYC, New York
Cost : TBA

w/ Take This City By Nightfall, Casket Architects, Bearathon

August, 18 2007 at tommys tavern
1041 manhattan avenue, brooklyn, New York 11222
Cost :

w/ Bloody Phoenix, ASRA, 1 more tba

August, 27 2007 at lit lounge
93 2nd ave, new york city, New York
Cost :

w/ Four Days to Burn, Body Soil, A.P.P.L.E., Sarlac

- it's very possible that we might be playing a *gasp* Long Island gig in the very near future. so near the future that it's the present. it's happening right now. NOW. seriously though, we'll get back to you on that one.

- looks like we will take some time off from shows after our August 27 gig. some of us have school, some of us going on little trips, others of us trying to get paid for something so we can dump money into cds and band stuff.

we've always made the most of our "time off" and this should be no exception. we're not Metallica, taking 2 1/2 year breaks from each other entirely, than taking another 3 years to write a record. we don't take those kind of band should. take breaks from shows maybe, since that can wear you down...playing the same material over and over again, but from the whole thing entirely? never. we'd go mad from the boredom. we'd itch like crazy...and crazy itches A LOT.

this is nothing new for us, as September/October seems to be the time of year where most bands, not just us, take a breather from a heavy summer-show routine...time taken to recharge the batteries, incorporate a season's worth of broken hearts and learning experiences into their sound. ultimately, those are the moments that make a band's material stronger...i feel, anyway. i always find that my favorite part of being in a band is the writing process itself. throwing silly putty at flashcards and seeing what gets hit.

you always get that itch, though...the live-itch. usually it pronounces itself after you've gone to your first show in a while. you see a band you love and that inspires you to get up there and follow their lead. you see a band you hate and say to yourself "fuck, i'm better than this clown shoes" and you get up there is reduce them to a fecal-scented smolder. so we can't predict the future...but we'll certainly be around to see it.

i've still got plenty of shit-demons to funnel out of my soul with syringe-enemas. i can honestly say that i think we all do.

- pick up the new albums from Sutcliffe Jugend and Deathspell Omega.

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