Tuesday, July 10, 2007


- we forgot we have this show as well;

August 6 @ Lit Lounge w/ Casket Architects, Bearathon, Take this City by Nightfall

- here's a set list, complete with nonsensery...

- JESTER AXIS (The Sad Truth Involving Clowns i.e. It Ain't Make-Up)
- CULT MACHINE (Samuel L. Jackson in "Tigers on a Rowboat")
- SCARECROW REVOLT (A Deleted Scene from "Batman Begins" involving Dr. Crane, Katie Holmes, and an Ejaculation-Instigated Bludgeoning.)
- TARANTULA KITCHEN (Waking Up in the Morning, Opening a Drawer, Digging up a Ginzu Knife, and being totally grossed out by the Cobwebs laced around the blade.)
- RECOVERING VIGILANTE (Keith David is Charles Bronson in "Death Wish 4 Black People")
- WOLF TICKET BOX OFFICE (An O-Face Staring Contest between Jarboe and the corpse of Chloe Jones)
- QUILLS (The Last Days of the Marquis DeSade from the perspective of the Poop he Smeared on the Walls)

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