Wednesday, July 25, 2007

- last night was pretty awesome (even after we got fucked by the "tally system" again...whatever). big thanks to Club Midway for being probably the best venue in Manhattan at the moment. Great atmosphere, excellent backline, two excellent bars, great soundpeople/staff...we can't wait to play there again. Big Thanks Also to Rwake for getting us on the bill and being super cool to us and for playing a fucking incredible set. also thanks to Bloody Panda, 12 Eyes, and Wormsmeat. and thanks to Eva and Rob for hooking us up with a ride. everyone of you made it one of the best nights we ever had and we thank you big time.

- next is August 6 @ Lit Lounge w/ Take this City By Nightfall and others. than Tommy's Tavern w/ ASRA, Bloody Phoenix, and others. than Lit Lounge again on August 27 w/ A.P.P.L.E. and more.

- also soon; recording, writing, and maybe some video as well.

- recent musical obsessions; Rwake, Air, TV on the Radio, Monarch!, Slaine, Deathspell Omega, Sutcliffe Jugend, Tool, Genesis, Thought Industry, Scrotum Grinder, Portal, Vegas, Wovenhand, Venus Hum, Dead Infection, Boredoms, Muse, Dalek, Starkweather, Tombs, Engineer

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