Sunday, July 15, 2007

- best thing about yesterday's show;

Darkside plays their set. it's close to 3 in the morning. they're destroying. the mic goes out and they take some time to fix it. this very Poindexter looking guy from Subzero (thick glasses, colored shirt, basically Buddy Holly with a New Yawk accent) starts to complain (Subzero is playing last). as he's walking away, muttering under his breath, someone...maybe one of the guys from Darkside...maybe just one of the crowd...screams "NERRRRRRRD!"

we couldn't contain ourselves. it was just perfect timing. it made an otherwise debasing, humbling trip worth the while. for those who caught the performance...sorry. it was a long-ass day, long ass drive, early start, long wait, and we weren't at our best. i know it's no excuse, because we really are better than what you saw yesterday, but hopefully you won't be soured on us. we really do care.

thanks anyway to those who put on the show, supplied us w/ equipment, let us eat some food, and compensated us well. we wish we could've been better, but i guess that's how it rolls sometimes. don't give up on us yet...we're not...knock on wood.

- some shows in a week;

Monday July 23 @ Lit Lounge w/ Kursk, Think Don't Pray, and others.
Tuesday July 24 @ Club Midway w/ Rwake, Bloody Panda, and more.

we promise we'll be better this time.

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