Monday, July 30, 2007

NP: Iced Earth - When an Eagle gets kicked in the Pussy

- we'd like to announce the addition of Matt to the Communion line-up. he'll be doing noise/samples. you should know Matt from underrated NY legends DISASSOCIATE as well as the mighty DARKSIDE. welcome to the gutter of the soul, Matt.

- so around September or so we're probably going to retreat into our Fortress of Semi-Solitude and work on new stuff and (possibly) begin preparing our first full-length for Period Face Productions entitled Kanalbrigade. we feel it's about time for a full-length non-CDR release, especially since this is the strongest material and best line-up we've ever had. I may try to come up with some kind of prose/story for the inlay, but i can't promise anything.

- recent naked-girls-who-fuck-on-camera obessesions; Jenni Lee, Jezebelle Bond, Dana Vespoli, Isabella Soprano, Kaylani Lei, Jennifer Luv, Avy Scott

- check out Rosetta tomorrow night in Levitown @ the Vintage Lounge.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

- last night was pretty awesome (even after we got fucked by the "tally system" again...whatever). big thanks to Club Midway for being probably the best venue in Manhattan at the moment. Great atmosphere, excellent backline, two excellent bars, great soundpeople/staff...we can't wait to play there again. Big Thanks Also to Rwake for getting us on the bill and being super cool to us and for playing a fucking incredible set. also thanks to Bloody Panda, 12 Eyes, and Wormsmeat. and thanks to Eva and Rob for hooking us up with a ride. everyone of you made it one of the best nights we ever had and we thank you big time.

- next is August 6 @ Lit Lounge w/ Take this City By Nightfall and others. than Tommy's Tavern w/ ASRA, Bloody Phoenix, and others. than Lit Lounge again on August 27 w/ A.P.P.L.E. and more.

- also soon; recording, writing, and maybe some video as well.

- recent musical obsessions; Rwake, Air, TV on the Radio, Monarch!, Slaine, Deathspell Omega, Sutcliffe Jugend, Tool, Genesis, Thought Industry, Scrotum Grinder, Portal, Vegas, Wovenhand, Venus Hum, Dead Infection, Boredoms, Muse, Dalek, Starkweather, Tombs, Engineer

Monday, July 23, 2007


Hotter, Harder, and almost Louder Than Megan Fox getting finger-banged by Starscream, it's THE COMMUNION's Start-of-the-Week Weekend.

2 solid Manhattan Gigs w/ some truly amazing bands and US. much of these bands are touring ones, so come out...volcanic steam pipes be DAMNED.


07/23/2007 08:00 PM - lit lounge
93 2nd ave
new york city, New York

07/24/2007 07:00 PM - club midway
25 avenue B
new york, 10009

Friday, July 20, 2007

wow...a rant. ...different.

NP: Diamanda Galas - the Singer

- here's the Communion show calender;

July, 23 2007 at lit lounge
93 2nd ave, new york city, New York
Cost :

w/ Kursk, Romans, Khan

July, 24 2007 at club midway
25 avenue B, new york, 10009
Cost :


August, 6 2007 at lit lounge
93 2nd ave, NYC, New York
Cost : TBA

w/ Take This City By Nightfall, Casket Architects, Bearathon

August, 18 2007 at tommys tavern
1041 manhattan avenue, brooklyn, New York 11222
Cost :

w/ Bloody Phoenix, ASRA, 1 more tba

August, 27 2007 at lit lounge
93 2nd ave, new york city, New York
Cost :

w/ Four Days to Burn, Body Soil, A.P.P.L.E., Sarlac

- it's very possible that we might be playing a *gasp* Long Island gig in the very near future. so near the future that it's the present. it's happening right now. NOW. seriously though, we'll get back to you on that one.

- looks like we will take some time off from shows after our August 27 gig. some of us have school, some of us going on little trips, others of us trying to get paid for something so we can dump money into cds and band stuff.

we've always made the most of our "time off" and this should be no exception. we're not Metallica, taking 2 1/2 year breaks from each other entirely, than taking another 3 years to write a record. we don't take those kind of band should. take breaks from shows maybe, since that can wear you down...playing the same material over and over again, but from the whole thing entirely? never. we'd go mad from the boredom. we'd itch like crazy...and crazy itches A LOT.

this is nothing new for us, as September/October seems to be the time of year where most bands, not just us, take a breather from a heavy summer-show routine...time taken to recharge the batteries, incorporate a season's worth of broken hearts and learning experiences into their sound. ultimately, those are the moments that make a band's material stronger...i feel, anyway. i always find that my favorite part of being in a band is the writing process itself. throwing silly putty at flashcards and seeing what gets hit.

you always get that itch, though...the live-itch. usually it pronounces itself after you've gone to your first show in a while. you see a band you love and that inspires you to get up there and follow their lead. you see a band you hate and say to yourself "fuck, i'm better than this clown shoes" and you get up there is reduce them to a fecal-scented smolder. so we can't predict the future...but we'll certainly be around to see it.

i've still got plenty of shit-demons to funnel out of my soul with syringe-enemas. i can honestly say that i think we all do.

- pick up the new albums from Sutcliffe Jugend and Deathspell Omega.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

- best thing about yesterday's show;

Darkside plays their set. it's close to 3 in the morning. they're destroying. the mic goes out and they take some time to fix it. this very Poindexter looking guy from Subzero (thick glasses, colored shirt, basically Buddy Holly with a New Yawk accent) starts to complain (Subzero is playing last). as he's walking away, muttering under his breath, someone...maybe one of the guys from Darkside...maybe just one of the crowd...screams "NERRRRRRRD!"

we couldn't contain ourselves. it was just perfect timing. it made an otherwise debasing, humbling trip worth the while. for those who caught the performance...sorry. it was a long-ass day, long ass drive, early start, long wait, and we weren't at our best. i know it's no excuse, because we really are better than what you saw yesterday, but hopefully you won't be soured on us. we really do care.

thanks anyway to those who put on the show, supplied us w/ equipment, let us eat some food, and compensated us well. we wish we could've been better, but i guess that's how it rolls sometimes. don't give up on us yet...we're not...knock on wood.

- some shows in a week;

Monday July 23 @ Lit Lounge w/ Kursk, Think Don't Pray, and others.
Tuesday July 24 @ Club Midway w/ Rwake, Bloody Panda, and more.

we promise we'll be better this time.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


- we forgot we have this show as well;

August 6 @ Lit Lounge w/ Casket Architects, Bearathon, Take this City by Nightfall

- here's a set list, complete with nonsensery...

- JESTER AXIS (The Sad Truth Involving Clowns i.e. It Ain't Make-Up)
- CULT MACHINE (Samuel L. Jackson in "Tigers on a Rowboat")
- SCARECROW REVOLT (A Deleted Scene from "Batman Begins" involving Dr. Crane, Katie Holmes, and an Ejaculation-Instigated Bludgeoning.)
- TARANTULA KITCHEN (Waking Up in the Morning, Opening a Drawer, Digging up a Ginzu Knife, and being totally grossed out by the Cobwebs laced around the blade.)
- RECOVERING VIGILANTE (Keith David is Charles Bronson in "Death Wish 4 Black People")
- WOLF TICKET BOX OFFICE (An O-Face Staring Contest between Jarboe and the corpse of Chloe Jones)
- QUILLS (The Last Days of the Marquis DeSade from the perspective of the Poop he Smeared on the Walls)

Monday, July 9, 2007

Lick My Pussy You STAR.

- so here are some shows we've got;

July, 14 2007 at Popeye's Pub
Not Available , Pee(k)skill, New York
Cost : 15.00

Blast to The Head Productions is proud to present the "Fuck your trends keep it real" bbq fest! Located at Popeye's Pub in Peekskill,NY! Addmision will be a reasonable $15.00! No excuses for missing out! Confirmed lineup is as following:

Darkside NYC
All As One
This Means War
Bulldog Courage
Caught In A Trap
Cold Front
Five Points (Faction Zero)
Murderer's Row
Olde York
Step 2 Far
The Communion
Crime Lab
4 In The Chamber
Souls Revenge

July, 23 2007 at lit lounge

93 2nd ave, new york city, New York
Cost :

Think don't Pray

July, 24 2007 at club midway
25 avenue B, new york, New York 10009
Cost :


August, 27 2007 at lit lounge
93 2nd ave, new york city, New York
Cost :

Four Days to Burn
Body Soil
the Communion
March into the Sea

- evidently we will be recording with Gary from Graveyard Rodeo in early-mid august. i know for sure we will record the one-two tracks needed for the 4-way tape that will be released (see post below), but since we have him down there we might just go ahead and record whatever we can.

- nothing to definite yet, but it's safe to say that our first full-length will be probably be called Kanalbrigade.

recent musical obsessions: Sutcliffe Jugend, Wovenhand, Boredoms, Gorerotted, Fields of the Niphilim, Leech Implant, Looking for an Answer, Portal, Integrity, Deathpile, Nas, Buthole Surfers, Lugubrum, TV on the Radio, Stormcrow, Whitehouse, Nadir, Daniel Johnston, Caroliner, In Slaughter Natives, the Cure, YDI

Sunday, July 8, 2007


EAR BLEEDING FEEDBACK FOREVER! 4 way split (limited to 400 on bloody red)
Combining the ear wrenching madness from Wisconsin's COPEATER, the brutality of Canada's AXED UP CONFORMIST, the relentless onslaught of Malaysia's KERENA NEKO, and the NY chokehold that is known as THE COMMUNION. 5 minutes of killer tunes per band, due out late august/early September!